I had agreed to work on Saturday but I really wanted to be off on the Sabbath. I had to help out at church and go to a Celebration of Life service for my best friend. It was only one appointment and the patient was one of my favorites but I really didn’t want to work on the Sabbath.  I had made this very clear to my scheduler. There should have been no confusion.

I opened up my schedule on Friday night and there she was, scheduled for that Sunday. The very day I had asked off. I was enraged. I threw off the cloak of righteousness that Christ has given me and rummaged through my closet for my Diva robe. I put on my Diva robe and tied the sash tight. I was going to give that scheduler a piece of my mind.

The only problem is…

I can only whisper due to my vocal cord problem. It is very difficult to get enraged when you do it at a fraction of the decibel that most rage entails.

So, I went to sleep instead.

On Saturday I was going out the door to see my patient when I felt a tug on my Diva robe. That tug was the Holy Spirit. Then the Holy Spirit brought to mind James 1:20, which is one of the verses I have hidden in my heart.

The thoughts in my mind proceeded to tear at the sash of my Diva robe.

“It wouldn’t kill you to do that visit tomorrow. You know the scheduler has had added responsibilities put on her plate. She not only works during the week but takes call every single day so that you don’t have to. She is also taking care of her mother who is very sick. Furthermore, this is the only company that has ever given you weekends off. So, what is the big deal?”

I felt the Diva robe slipping from my shoulders and landing in a puddle at my feet. “Ok, I will call her and tell her I can do it.”

I called her and told her that I noticed that that visit was still on my schedule for Sunday. She started making excuses. I told her that was ok, I would do the visit. I would just have to do it in the evening when I was done with the memorial service for my friend. She was so grateful. As I was doing so, I could feel the robe of righteousness covering my shoulders with grace.

James 1:20 “For the anger of man does not produce the righteousness which God so desires.”

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