I have needed a new storm door for quite some time. The hinge on the door was broken, so I just ripped it off. The only way I could keep the storm door from flying open in the wind, was to run a rubber band around the handle and pull the rubber band inside to wrap it around the inside door lock. (I can be creative when I need to.) But I was running out of rubber bands and getting a bit tired of my Hillbilly fix it solution.

So, I called my boyfriend and we scurried over to a Home Depot the weekend before Easter. We picked out a cool storm door and put it on will call for the next weekend. My son would be home that weekend and between the smarts of him and my boyfriend, I was sure we could have that storm door up in no time at all.  Piece of cake, right?

The Saturday before Easter arrived. My boyfriend and I hopped in his car and drove to the home depot to rent a truck and pick up my storm door.

They didn’t have no trucks. No problem, there was another Home Depot close by so we jumped in his car and sped over to the other store. We got the last truck they had. Whew! Wiping the sweat off my brow.

We went back to the original Home Depot to pick up my storm door. They did not have my door. WHAT? Yep, we ordered it the week before and put it on will call and they did not have it. Putting something on will call means you paid for it beforehand. So we essentially paid for something that they promised to have and they did not have it. WOW!

So, my boyfriend dropped me off at home while he returned the truck. I told my son, who got upset and he told me I needed to call the store and talk to a manager. So, I called and talked to the manager.

He looked up my order and said they had the door. YOU ARE KIDDING ME! Nope, according to this manager, they had the door. Well, I told him at that time we had already returned our rental truck so he needed to deliver it. He said he could not tell me when he would have the time to do so.

So, I waited a bit of time and then called back and talked to another Home Depot employee. I told him my predicament. He said he would load that door up and bring it to my home in his own personal truck and it would be there within an hour. NOW WE ARE TALKING!

I let that man into my backyard and told him a big thank you for delivering that door and thought that was the end of the story.

I started making brunch for my son and my boyfriend. They were working so hard putting up that door and I was toiling over the stove. I was so busy making them a good meal that I didn’t even look at the door until they had almost completed the task of putting it up.

I glanced at the door, did a double take, then looked again. Oh, NO! They had delivered the WRONG DOOR.  Furthermore, my boyfriend and son had PUT UP THE WRONG DOOR!  GADS!!!

So, I got back on the phone and called them and talked with manager #1. I told him I had paid for a different door than what had been delivered. They had delivered the cheapest door and I had paid for the middle of the road door. He said they didn’t carry the middle of the road door in that store. I asked him, “Then why did you sell it to me last week?”

I told him all of the many wrongs that Home Depot had done and asked him how he was going to make this right? He said he would give me an upgrade on the door for free and throw in a free installation.

I agreed to this. I went back to the store and they processed a refund and said they would arrange for the upgraded door to be installed. The manager said the people who measured for my door would call me Monday morning bright and early.

Monday morning came and went with no phone call. I called Monday afternoon to ask what had happened. I was informed by another store manager (#2) that the measurement people had 48 hours to call me. I told her that manager #1 had said it would happen Monday morning. She said he did not know the company policy and that was that they had 48 hours to do the measurements. So, they had until Tuesday at 3 pm to accomplish this task.

Apparently, Manager #1 needs to read the policy and procedure manual of Home Depot.

So, I waited until Tuesday at 3 pm and no phone call was received so I called them again asking when would it be convenient for those measurement men to come by? It had been 48 hours already. I was once again talking to manager #2 who had told me previously it was a 48-hour deal. She said, “They considered Monday a holiday because of Easter so they have one more day.” WHAT?!! NOW THE EASTER BUNNY IS IN ON THIS?

At this point it occurred to me that Home Depot really doesn’t care a bit about making their customers happy, but I wasn’t going to let this affect my outlook on life. They were clearly incompetent, but I was not going to get angry or use profanity when addressing them.

I finally got the assurance that they would be out on Thursday to get the measurements. I was home all day on Thursday and did not notice anyone taking measurements. Yet when I called on Friday they said they had done so. WOW! THAT IS IMPRESSIVE! THEY SENT OUT INVISIBLE PEOPLE TO TAKE MEASUREMENTS!

Seriously, they must have a corner market on ghost employees because I did not see one person walk into my backyard.

I don’t understand why anyone would need to take measurements in the first place, though, considering storm doors are all pretty much the same standard size. But they said they could not deliver or install the door until the measurement “people” (ghosts) had measured.

So now we had to arrange for installation. I called the store again. Kept hearing the same thing. That they were going to do it. I was first on the list… blah blah blah. I hadn’t paid for the new door yet and store manager #1 said I had to do that before they could arrange for installation.

So today I swung by and he showed me the exact door which would be installed at my home. We both wrote our names on the box to make sure it was mine and he said he would have the installers call me asap.

Well, I know better than to hang my hat on that peg. I will just be happy if I get the door installed within the century because they clearly aren’t to be trusted.

I was so proud of myself though, because through all this mess I kept my calm. I got a bit angry at first because this really messed with my Easter weekend. After a discussion with my son, I regained my composure and had a lovely time with him.

My sweet boyfriend kept his composure also, even though this wasted a full day for him right before he was set to cook a full blown all out-Easter dinner large enough to feed an army.

I also considered this kind of a test run for Home Depot. Sometime this year I intend to put new flooring in my house. I will not consider Home Depot for any other purchases no matter how large or small, except for one item.

Just one item…

That being cow manure because they clearly know how to sell a load of bullshit.


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