Every woman wants the perfect husband. Someone who will care for her and respect her.

Although many say there is no perfect man I dare to disagree.

When my husband left me twenty years ago, I was devastated.

There is a verse in the Bible which says that God is a father to the fatherless and a defender of widows.

I do believe that God is a father to the children of single mothers and I know that he has defended me, even though my ex is still living.

It is amazing to me how much my love for God the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit has grown over the years when I have been a single mother.

I remember when I was first single how he protected my children from a pedophile who preyed on children of other single parents. My God did not allow that man anywhere near my children.

I also felt His counsel one night when I actually heard a demonic sound outside my house. He told me to stay inside and put on every outside light that I could. It was that night that someone was murdered in their driveway and it was right in my neighborhood.

So He has protected me but how has he loved me?

The one time I asked Him out on a date when I was in Florida. He showed me clothes that were beautiful and also on sale. But more than that… He changed the weather because I was just a bit too hot.

Then there was the time I was driving through Oklahoma while going home to a family reunion. The rain was pelting my rental car and I was pleading to God to hold back any hail. I didn’t have insurance on the rental car for damages. As I was praying I saw a rainbow out on the horizon and within minutes God had put the start of a rainbow within a stone’s throw from my car. I know of no other person who has actually seen the start of a rainbow that close.

Do you know of any husband that can do that?

These memories are so cherished by me.

Yet there is an intimacy between people who have been married for several years and who have raised children. Where is that intimacy?

The other night my son did something very sweet for me and my daughter looked at him like he had lost his mind and then asked if I had asked him to do that. I said, “No, he just did it because he is a sweet son.”

Later on that night I heard the Holy Spirit “Did you see that look on Natalie’s face when Cameron took out the trash?” Somehow just the way that thought came to me it started busting me out in giggles.

Then the Holy Spirit came to comfort me and to explain to me in words I can not even express; why it was I went through a horrible heartbreaking time with this very son. During this time, my son was not living with me but my love for him did not wane, His character grew in ways I never could have imagined while he was away from me.

It has become amazing to me the level of intimacy I have with my perfect husband, which is Jesus Christ my Lord. We have gone beyond talking and listening. He knows my thoughts and it has come to the point where I know His thoughts in many circumstances.

People say they hear God speak. For some reason I have been privileged enough to go deeper than that. God doesn’t speak to me much. He thinks to me now. It’s the craziest thing. I can absorb a whole story from God in a second and it always makes such perfect logical sense.

If you are a single mother I would encourage you to draw close to God. He is the best provider, defender and lover you could ever wish for. Don’t keep throwing yourself at men if they just want sex. God wants better than that for you. He wants a man who will love you like He does. Unconditionally and without an agenda.



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  1. Beautifully spoken… And yes, I too have seen Him do miracles for me as a single mother. Nothing is impossible for God. Thanks for sharing.

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