The difficulty of being ADD is that we are never in the present moment. We are most commonly thinking about the next project that we have on our list of 1,000 projects.

Last weekend when my sweet man of God took me to Target, I had made sure that the receipt was in the bag for the items I was to return. Yet that stinking receipt somehow slipped out of the bag and onto the floor of my home before I got the bag into the car.

My sweet man of God had said he didn’t see the receipt in the bag. I could tell he was a bit perturbed at the wild goose chase we went on. He didn’t say a word to me about it. He didn’t chide me, make a sarcastic comment to me or degrade me in any way.

I could feel his anger simmering though. When we got back to the car he decided that he was going to stack the take home boxes from an earlier dinner in a more concise manner. He started cussing those boxes out like nobodies business. He called them every word other than a proper English term.

I started giggling. I just couldn’t stop giggling. When he got back into the front seat of the car he asked, “Were you giggling about those boxes?”

I nodded “yes” because I was laughing too hard to speak.

He just smiled.

I have thought about how he handled me on that day and I marvel at his restraint. He had every reason to tear me apart but he has said that my ADD is part of me and he loves all of me.

I am so thankful for him and his patience with me. I kind of doubt that those take home boxes are too thrilled with him though. lol

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