Usually I write inspiring posts for this blog but sometimes feel as if I need to lay a foundation for a post. This piece is kind of the back story for the post I will release tomorrow. So, as the story goes…

Last year I got a horrible sinus infection while coming back from my parents place on an airplane. I responded to it as I respond to most health problems. I ignored it.

It kept getting worse. I happened upon a patient who had become disabled when a sinus infection had transposed the blood brain barrier. This poor man had suffered several strokes as a consequence of his sinus infection and was now bed bound. I was starting to get headaches which I NEVER get and after seeing this man I made an appointment with my doctor.

I was prescribed LEVAQUIN which knocked out my sinus infection but also took my voice. Instead of going to my doctor and demanding a blood test to check to see if I had infection, I did what any other nurse who is well connected does. I called a friend of mine who was a doctor and asked him to throw some more antibiotics my way. He is a good friend and did just that.

My throat was in such agony I could barely swallow for three to five months. I finally went to the ER and had them do some testing on me and they said I did not have an infection.

My next step was to go to an ENT doctor who told me that I had a paralyzed vocal cord and he needed to “beef” it up. He couldn’t tell me what “beefing” it up meant, nor would he say that “beefing” it up would give me back my voice.  At times I could talk almost as if I had never had a problem but most of the time I just whispered. So I didn’t go for the surgery.

Then my voice got much worse and all I could do was whisper.

This year I decided to try a different ENT. I told her straight off that I needed more information about the procedure if I was going to do it. She explained that my left vocal cord was enlarged and my right vocal cord was paralyzed. Apparently the two must touch each other to make sound. My right vocal cord had atrophied to the extent that my left could not meet it.

She was even sweet enough to send me to a speech therapist who actually showed me pictures of my vocal cords.

Then she explained that “beefing” up was injecting a filler such as collagen, or hyaluronic acid into the right vocal cord to build it up. Then the left could actually touch it when trying to make sound. (Kind of reminds me of some kind of sick romantic story.)

With all of this information I could make an informed consent on my surgery and that is now scheduled for October 12th. For those of you who feel led to pray for me I would greatly appreciate this. There are dangers associated with this surgery; such as bleeding, or too much filler, which could lead to my airway closing up. So prayers are needed.

I do believe that God is in control and if you are so kind as to read my post tomorrow you may understand what I have learned from this trial. (wink, wink)

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