I love to entertain on my patio. I usually do it quite frequently from spring to fall. One of my girlfriends came over for brunch one day and as she left she said she felt as if she had been in a sanctuary. It is peaceful when your house extends into your gardens with a patio as an interloper. If you need some great patio furniture or supplies click on the ads below and do some shopping. 🙂1010
FYI I do get a commission if you happen to buy from these stores. That is the whole point of slaving away at these ad pages. I don’t do it just because I love the pretty pictures. In this ad page there are actually five stores featured. It is a bit difficult sometimes to distinguish where one ad ends and another begins but I know you are smart enough to figure it out. Some of these sets are just begging to be on your patio. 🙂

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