Last night I went to a Christmas Bunco party at the clubhouse in my neighborhood. This morning I had to go in for surgery and I had to be there at 5:30 am. When I was getting ready to leave I could not find my purse.

I remember having it in my car before the bunco party and it was too late to check for it when I got home. Yet, this morning there was no purse in my car. I am upset that someone took my purse. They didn’t used my credit cards so I think they may have been after my identity and some other items in my purse.

Thank God the hospital let me register for my surgery without proper ID or I would have not had my surgery done.

So being that I am a blogger I have decided to write the schmuck who stole my purse a letter about what Christmas is all about.

That Applebee’s card that you found in my purse. Well, that was for my Mother and Father. They are 87 and 90 years old. My mother has never liked to cook even though she is amazing when she cooks. She complains all of the time about how much pain she is in and how tired she is. I bought her that gift card so that she could go out to eat on me. Last time I had done that she said it was an extravagant gift. It was only 30$ but to her that is extravagant. I wonder what it will mean to you.

The Petsmart card that was in there for 25$… Well, that was for my son. He got a puppy this year. It was a rescue dog. I mean a REAL rescue dog. A friend of his found the puppy abandoned on the side of the road. I bought him that gift card to help him feed the dog. He is studying engineering at Louisiana Tech and lives on a very limited budget. I try to help him out wherever I can. I was hoping to help him feed his dog this Christmas. Don’t worry the dog still has a stocking with toys, just not the gift card for food.

My driver’s license will be replaced tomorrow. I will put an alert on it in case you are trying to steal my identity. I will also notify my bank regarding my mortgage, title and bank account. MY bankers love me so they will protect me.

Yet when I think about today. I remain grateful. The hospital knew me from before and did not need my identity information to perform the surgery. You may think that having surgery is something I could have done anytime. I want to let you know how wrong you are. I needed it done today because of the fact that I have already paid $6,000.00 out of pocket. Now the insurance company must cover the cost. I skim the top of the poverty line in my wages so that amount of money is a lot for me to pay out of my shallow pockets. You could have cost me thousands of dollars but due to God’s grace I was spared.

I am so thankful that Dr. Nathan Williams and Methodist Southlake hospital accepted me because they trusted me. The operation was to take hardware out of my right clavicle. I had been having pain in my right arm and shoulder. Although the surgery was done in the early morning it is 6 pm now and I don’t have a twinge of pain.

I thank God that I have no pain because the pain meds at the pharmacy are controlled meds and without a driver’s license I can not get them. So what you meant for harm God meant for good.

I have had members in my church praying for this surgery. They are awesome prayer warriors.

I got to spend some time today with a former boyfriend. He was kind enough to get up at 3:30 AM to drive from Dallas to my home and then he drove me through intense fog to the hospital. After I had registered we sat on the couch in the waiting area and regaled each other with stories that emitted laughter. I enjoyed our hospital “date” more than most dates I have had.

MY dear friend from church, Lori, drove me back home. It was so nice seeing her and her daughter, Abby. We caught up on our lives and I became aware that I needed to continue to pray for her brother-in-law, Mark. We talked about our church and how much we love Vibrant church. I told her how much I appreciated her. But I did more than that. I had made some broccoli cheddar soup and chicken veggie noodle soup and gave her some of that as a gift of gratitude. In addition, some candy bar fudge and rice krispie treats were packed in her gift bag.

I know you probably think you ruined my day. To be honest, bad things leave a trail. I will make sure your trail is followed and you are caught. I will file a police report, alert authorities and I will be protected by God.

Even though this day did not start out well. I have decided to end it with gratitude. For that is the Spirit of Christmas and you didn’t steal that from me.

Merry Christmas, schmuck, and I hope you have a New Year where you will learn that giving is much better than stealing. By the way, I would like my purse back.

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