I must admit that I am a sinner, first and foremost. There are times in my Christian life that I have acted entirely like someone who did not know Christ. Although there has not been a moment in my life in which I have not been a seeker of God.

Most thoughts of mine are always directed towards God. In essence, I am in constant prayer. If I am such a seeker of Christ and the Godhead, then why do I sin?

I believe there is a difference between being a seeker and a follower. A seeker is someone who yearns to know Christ in a more intimate relationship. A follower is someone who abandons self to become more like Christ.

There is a multitude of people who think they can live their life as they want and God will sanction their sins. There is no doubt that He is capable of forgiveness, if one does confess and repent of sin. Yet, He seeks to free us of our bondage because He knows the consequence of sin. Sin hurts either us or others.

As I have matured in my Christian walk I have laid down at the cross, desires and weaknesses which have hindered my relationship with God. This is a constant journey, not a short jaunt.

I have come to the belief that it is not my right to judge others. For how can one who has scars of sin marking their own heart, judge another who is slashing their heart into pieces with the same sin I had once committed?

I cannot judge, but what I can do is lead, as I am following Jesus. I will not sanction someone else’s sin, telling them it is okay to continue in something which will cause them heartache.

In John 14:23 the Word of God states: “If anyone loves me, he will keep my Word. My Father will love him and we will come to him and make our home with him.”

Recently I met a woman while having lunch who was so beautiful I had to stop and comment on her beauty. She immediately told me she was heartbroken. As she shared her story with me, I could see that she was allowing the devil to slash her heart into tiny little pieces. She had opened her heart to heartache when she removed the breastplate of righteousness by engaging in premarital sex.

She is a God seeker and says all of the right things.

Just like I used to as I walked through life without my breastplate of righteousness.

Now, as I follow Jesus, I try my hardest to keep His word. It is not easy but as I draw close to Him, I realize He is putting people in my path which need to step away from sin. It is my great joy to grab their hand gently and guide them into a path of following Jesus and abandoning the heartache which sin so often favors.


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