Recently my brother went through a very difficult day. This was the day his wife was scheduled to move out some items from his house because she has decided to end the marriage. I was really worried about this and he was too.

I never thought the two emotions I would experience at the end of this day was pride and thankfulness. Yet, because of God, that was the reality of this day.

My brother’s wife had contacted him earlier and given him a two page long list of things which she wanted. She was considerate enough to give it to him in advance so that he could look it over.

Then she told him that there would be ten people who would come to help her move. All of the people were from the church where my brother attends. That was difficult to digest. The preacher was also coming. In addition to this she said the sheriff was going to be there also.

I don’t know what it is about my small home town but when there is drama it is a big drama and this was setting up to be a dramatic scene.

My brother asked that the amount of people who came be limited to six people. He didn’t want anything stolen. She agreed to this.

My mother looked over the list of things that she wanted and there was a verbal exchange between her and my sister-in-law over two items. These were items which were heirlooms and in this instance I think my mother had the right to demand that those items stay within the family.

So the day of the event happened and I kept my brother in my prayers.

That evening I called him while out on a walk, expecting the worst.

I asked him how it went. He said, “It went surprisingly good.”

He said that the only anger was between my mother and his wife over those two items.

He went on to say the hardest thing was that he still had feelings for his wife and still found her very attractive. She is the only woman he has ever loved so this is heart breaking for him.

During the time of moving her things out my sister-in-law did not cross the line into deceit. There were some things that he thought she would take but she had remembered that those were purchased before the marriage. She was honest in that regard and I am so proud of her for that. My brother had not remembered so she could have took advantage of him but she chose not to.

Where I am thankful that she was honest, I was so proud of how my brother reacted I could have busted open with pride. My brother chose to act with compassion, (So Christ like). He helped carry things out and tried to be as non-confrontational as possible. He offered to trade with her over some things in the future if she needed some items that she had not taken.

I was so happy to hear that it had went well. I told him I had been praying for him. He said “A lot of people had been praying for him and he thought that was the reason it went so well.”

To see the Holy Spirit work within a situation which could have turned so ugly work out for the good of everyone involved just filled me with pride and thankfulness. I believe because of the prayers of so many people God took this day from the devil and claimed it for himself. It is ironic that this event happened on the Sabbath.

The funny thing is the sheriff never showed up. You don’t really need law enforcement when God is present.

Praise God!

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