I bought a home close to ten years ago. It was a beautiful home and I had it built so I thought there would be no problems with the home while I was paying it off.Unfortunately, I did not do my research on the home builder which was Plantation homes. They do not have a good reputation.

I told them within the first couple of years that they needed to do something with my foundation. They had some goofballs come by and take pictures of my foundation and they said there was no problem.

Then last year I had some more cracks in my walls and I told them again that they had better take care of my foundation. Then they hired some more goofballs who came and measured my foundation and said there was nothing unusual.

This year the ceiling of my cat walk started to come down. Interesting that the ceiling demise was right in line with a long crack on the ceiling.

They said it was a roof leak, even though there was no water spot. They must be thinking I am one dumb broad.

For their information my IQ may be higher than their whole company collectively.

This year I complained again and they hired the same goofballs that had come by last year and said there was no problem. By this time I had a crack running the entire expanse of my ceiling and another crack at the seam of the peak in my living room. I was pissed to say the least.

I was put out with the goofballs that they kept sending my way so I hired my own structural engineering firm to do an analysis of my foundation. They said I had a problem and it needed to be fixed.

Plantation homes then said they wanted another firm to come and check out my foundation. They swore that this firm did not know who they were and they had never done business with them. So it would be an objective analysis.

Well, the first thing the guy said when he walked into my home was “My firm has done plenty of work for Plantation homes.” I kind of felt that that flushed the “objective” opinion idea right down the toilet.

So we were going to meet for one last meeting. The construction manager called and said that it was gonna be on Thursday or Friday. He would call me to confirm which day. I never got the call but apparently I am supposed to have ESP because they showed up on Thursday afternoon expecting me to be there..

So because their construction manager either has brain fog or smokes too much weed, or both, they gave me the shaft. They said they were not going to do one blooming thing for me.

Well, you don’t know how pissed off I can get until you treat me like I am nothing. Then you got a whole other level of me that most people don’t suspect I can get to and it ain’t a pretty level either.

But I am a Christian woman and I am supposed to be submissive right?

Yep, you are right. In the Bible it says I am to submit to my husband if he is willing to die for me.

Let me make one thing clear, I am in no way married to Plantation homes, nor would I ever consider marrying someone who works for a company who treats a single mother the way they have treated me. So submission is not an issue here.

I was still struggling with how to handle this issue and then I went to church this morning at Vibrant Church. Our pastor had the coolest sermon on James and he said how we go through trials to learn how to persevere. My definition of perseverance happens to be: you stand your ground when you are right until the jerk that is wrong finally caves in and does what is right.

In other words, Plantation homes has messed with the wrong chick. I have a right to be pissed and I have a right to demand that they honor the warranty that they gave me ten years ago.

If they have any doubt that I will wear them down, they need to go talk to my friends at Home Depot who just put in the coolest screen door ever because I refused to be treated like nothing.

(Refer to post THE STORM DOOR  for the low down on Home Depot.)

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