In this post I will be revealing experiences that are of a supernatural realm. I hope that you will embrace these experiences as I have done.

I got pregnant with my first child when I was in my early thirties. I was ecstatic about the pregnancy.

I had just decided to go off of birth control pills which I which I was taking because of my tendency towards ovarian cysts. I didn’t even think that I could get pregnant, I had only one ovary. The other ovary had been surgically removed because of an ovarian cyst. 

I got pregnant immediately. I loved being pregnant.

Then about two months into the pregnancy I started bleeding. I called my mother asking her if that was normal. She said, “No, it wasn’t normal” and that I should call the doctor. 

My reply to her was, “If God takes this baby then He had better have a place in heaven for it.”

God did take the baby and I miscarried. One of the few times in my life when my depression was so deep I pleaded with God to have Jesus come back, so I could escape the pain. 

I got pregnant soon after the miscarriage and gave birth to my beautiful daughter. I decided to have her naturally so that no medication would flow from me to her. I did not take any pain pills after the birth either. The reason it is important for you to know this is because what happened next was in no way due to medications.

I heard something unusual during the first week of my daughter’s life. I heard a baby giggling. It was the most joyous sound. I looked at my newborn baby when I heard this sound and she was asleep. Where was the laughter coming from?

I realized that the spirit of my first daughter, who was with God, was present to welcome my second daughter into the world. I knew by the sound of her laughter that she was having the time of her life in heaven. 

The sound of her joyous giggle brought comfort to my heart. I knew that my first-born could crawl into the lap of God anytime she wanted or get tickled by the angels. Although I was a loving mother I can not remotely touch the awesomeness of God’s love.

It was this past year when I had the second visitation. The visitation happened through the avenue of dreams.

 My first-born daughter would have been in her early twenties. 

I believe that my spirit left earth and in this dream I had a vision of heaven. In my dream I saw a girl who looked remarkably like my daughter. She was beyond beautiful.

She was in a small room and there was chocolate everywhere. The room was pink and brown and she had chocolates in a beautiful china cabinet which were perfectly formed in the shape of flowers. She offered me a piece of chocolate cake with pink frosting. I declined. I was in awe of the beauty surrounding me. 

She sat on her couch and bouncing up and down with joy. She said, “I am so excited I can barely sit still. I am going to get my white wings today.”

Then  I woke up. My first thought was to check on my earthly daughter to make sure she was all right. I became worried that this was a sign from God that her life could in danger. She was fine. 

Then I realized that this was my first-born daughter, the one who had grown up in the presence of God.

I don’t know if miscarried babies can become angels or not. Only God knows that.

I do know that she was receiving an honor in some way and God, in his mercy, allowed her earthly mother to share in that joy with her.

She was on fire with happiness and her beauty was breathtaking. 

If you have miscarried a baby, given birth to a baby who was stillborn, or even aborted a baby, I believe that your baby is in the same realm of heaven that mine is. For they have not sinned as those who are born have. Therefore they are pure and ascend to heaven.

This is my belief and my experience. I am not God so I can not say exactly what the rules are for heaven.

The God I know is a God of immense love and forgiveness.

I hope it was His hands who were tickling my first-born daughter when the blessing of my second born daughter emerged on earth.

If it was His hands she has experienced the wonder of her heavenly Father and the greatest love ever known.

If you know of anyone who has suffered the loss of a baby, whether still born, miscarried or aborted and you think that this story may give them comfort please show them this post.


Life continued on, no matter how difficult it was, it still continued. 

From 1998-2007 I worked for a few different companies. I worked weekends until my children were at school with occasional jumps into management if I could find a good babysitter. 

I was very involved in my children’s life. My relationship with my ex-husband evolved into one of friendship.

I doubt that he would have been my friend if he had paid the correct child support. 

There are several lessons I learned during these years that I will share with you.

#1. A step-pArent can never take the place of a loving natural parent. They may try but they won’t accomplish it. It is best to disregard all of their attempts because the more your respond to their manipulation and immaturity the more power you give them.

Case in point – My ex-husband married his boss. At soccer games and basketball games she would prevent my children from even sitting with me.  She acted like they were her natural children, not mine. 
It irritated me but as I prayed about it I realized she was nothing more than a babysitter. I was the one who had been chosen by God to be the natural mother to my amazing children, not her. So I just ignored her.

One of my friends assaulted the stepmother of her kids when a similar incident happened. She gave the stepmother the power in that confrontation to forsake her testimony for Christ. . 

You never want to let the enemy know when they have grazed your heart with pain. The devil knows what you love the most and he will use people to hurt you in that most cherished area if you allow them.

2. I invited my ex-husband to the birthday parties of my children for several years. He always came with his anger and his demeaning “I am better than you” attitude. After several years of this I decided that it was the children’s birthday party, not his and I could throw a better party if I didn’t invite him.

3. My ex-husband was verbally and emotionally abusive. I remember the day when he had unleashed his crap on me through a phone conversation and it had ceased to hurt anymore. I didn’t give a shit what he thought about me. I also learned to hang up on him. It is important to place positive people in places of influence in your life. Negative people only try to get you to sink to their level.

4. I occasionally get hateful emails from him and his third wife. It is not necessary to respond to them. I know they are nasty people and the emails just confirm what I already knew. 


I love animals. I always have. 

Growing up on a farm my favorite activity, as a little girl, was to be out in the barn with the cats. 

We had dogs too. I used to run with my Irish Setter when I was a long distance runner in high school.

I continued to run with him when I was home on college break. The last time I ran with him I took notice of him.

He always ran ahead of me but would turn around frequently to make sure I was still keeping up. If we passed another farm where there was a dog he would slow down, keeping right by my side. He made sure that if the dog had intentions of attacking me he was  gonna have  to deal with him first. 

I was back at college when I got call from my mother.  My beautiful Irish Setter, Jude, got hit by a car and died. Where was my precious dog now?

I wanted to believe he was in heaven. So I searched the Bible and I believe I may have found an answer.

When God created the earth everything was created to sustain life. He told Adam that he could eat from every tree except from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. If he ate from that tree he would surely die. (Genesis 2:16-17) 

Then he created Eve and we all know what she did. She ate from the tree of knowledge.

Did any other species eat from that tree?

So if the tree of knowledge held the key to death and animals did not eat from it, they don’t have the key to death. If you don’t have a key to open a door how can you walk through it?

We, as humans, are the only ones who have opened the door to death. No other species has defied God in the manner we have. No other species has required the blood of His Son to cover our sins. 

Do all dogs go to heaven? I believe that all animals do. 

I believe everything which God creates has eternal potential. Humans are the only ones who have risked eternity because of disobedience.




I know I haven’t gotten political yet on this sight.

This latest federal government fiasco has me in a twist.

I am the kind of person that when I see a problem I want to fix it with a solution. See my post on abortion and you will realize I can get quite creative in the solution department.

Here is my solution for the federal government shut down.

First, all members of Congress and the President need to go back to preschool until they learn how to play fair.

If that doesn’t work then I have another proposal.

They relinquish a year of their salary with benefits for each day that the government is shut down. If it lasts past a week then their retirement fund goes into the basket.

All that money will be used to decrease the federal deficit.

Michelle Obama cannot take her girls on any more million dollar trips. The trips which are reserved will be refunded.The refunds go straight to the federal deficit fund.

The way I see it is this is a win-win proposal.

Anyone who agrees with this proposal please like this page. If I get enough likes I may just transition this solution into a petition on


Well, prayer warriors. Part of my prayer has been answered already my brother has agreed to a second surgery. It will be this Friday at noon. Please keep him in prayer as he goes to surgery and also keep the surgeon in prayer that his hands may be guided by God. 

I know that God can guide surgeon’s hands because in July I broke my collar bone and he helped my excellent surgeon, Dr. Nathan Williams repair my collar bone and within two months I was able to do everything that I had done before the fracture. 

Glory to God in the highest!


I was driving home from swimming at the gym when I saw the black form on the highway. I studied the form for a bit and it looked like a man was riding a motorcycle with no tail lights.  Gosh, that was dangerous. 

I wonder if he knew? Breathing a prayer I asked God to arrange traffic so I could tell him at a stop light.

God did his part, we were beside each other at the next stop light. I honked to get his attention then rolled down the window on my passenger side and told him he didn’t have any back light. 

He had no idea and thanked me for letting him know.

He turned on the street that led to my house. I knew I wasn’t going to get home until I made sure this man got home safely.

He pulled into a car sales parking lot. I pulled in behind him as he tested the light and saw that even his brake lights were out. 

The only thing that was working on his back light were his turning signals.

“Where were you going? I can tail you to make sure you are safe if you want me to,” I offered. 

He named a nearby suburb. It wasn’t that far.

He could have named Mexico. I still would have made sure he got there safely.

He accepted my offer to tail him. I have never driven with such dedication and precision as the miles that I drove behind him.

I wanted to make sure that I didn’t threaten him by being too close but also wanted to make sure nobody slipped in front of me that could have endangered his life. 

It was a bit of a drive to get him home but it was worth it. 

As I pulled into his driveway he took his helmet off and said, “You are a blessing.” 

I gave him a business card and mentioned my blog. “It’s a Christian blog,” I said

His face lit up. “I knew you were Christian.”

He thanked me again for being a blessing. Somehow I drove away feeling that I was the one blessed. Seeing the smile on his young face was a blessing and knowing that I had chosen to do what Christ would have done was an honor.

 I think we were both blessed, I still feel like I came out ahead though. 

There is a difference between saying you are Christian and being Christ to someone else.

Being Christ is a lot more fun. 



For the past sixteen years I have been a single mother. Most of those years I was the primary custodial parent. The past three years I have been a non-custodial parent.

It was hard work being the custodial parent, it has been brutal being the non-custodial parent.

I have experienced mentally challenged lawyers and insane judges. The Texas Attorney General child support division is a joke and I am not laughing.

I am sharing my story with you, hoping that those who have similar stories will share theirs in the comment section.

I have decided to publicize the injustice that I have been through. Open up the lines of communication for others who have traveled the same path. I hope to create a political movement that is so strong and loud that single parents, who are good parents, are treated with justice.

I have proposed a law to remedy some of the injustice and have gotten great feed back from one legislators’ office.

Most days I will post two blogs. If you get tired of hearing me rant about injustice then please view my other post.

I feel as if I have been in a fight with the devil for these years and walking through this again is very difficult. Please be kind and understanding with me. Also keep me in prayer because I have no intention of letting the devil win.

Thank you, Gracie Lynne


As you probably have guessed by now if you read this post you know I believe in God and salvation through Jesus Christ. I also believe in prayer and believe that without prayer God’s purpose is hindered. 

I hope that this blog has attracted not only Christians but people of other faiths too. I have some wonderful friends who are muslims. On an airplane trip to NYC this summer I sat beside the sweetest muslim woman and I noticed she prayed with her hands cupped, palms up. I fell in love with that type of symbolic opening up to God.  

I would like to ask all the wonderful people who have taken their precious time to read my blog to post any prayer requests that you have in the comment section. 

Those who feel led by God to intercede for others I ask that you intercede. If you don’t pray or don’t feel led to pray please don’t. There is no pressure in this.

I will start with a prayer request hoping that all who believe in God take it to God no matter what kind of faith you believe in.

The prayer request is for my brother.

He is three years older than me and I love him deeply. He got in an accident a couple of weeks ago with his four-wheeler. He was thrown off and his 6th and 7th vertebrae were fractured. The 6th vertebrae fracture can result in death, the 7th vertebrae fracture can result in paralysis. God’s hand was on him  and he survived the crash with no paralysis and is living and breathing today. 

He had surgery in Lincoln, Nebraska and had a piece of his hip fused to his neck with a titanium plate. Yesterday he went back to the surgeon and we expected a good report. He wanted the NG tube removed so he could eat again. 

The good report didn’t come. Apparently something was wrong with the way his neck was healing. The surgeon wants to do another surgery. 

My brother has not slept well since this surgery, he has not eaten and is getting food through an NG tube and he is furious that he may have to have another surgery. 

Please pray that God’s peace will descend upon him that he can hear the surgeon today with a clear and calm mind. Also pray that God heals his neck, making surgery unnecessary. 

Please  put in the comments section your prayer requests and if you want them private please specify that wish. If you don’t mind if I share them with the community of readers state that you would prefer them to remain public. 

I know God answers prayer and I know personally that He loves each and every one of you. 

Be blessed!



My daughter was my first born. She was beautiful. She had my heart and apparently I had hers.

She screamed and cried every time I left her at the babysitters. I cried too. I would carry guilt in my heart for leaving her as I drove to college to finish my nursing degree.

She became very close to me and was shy among children her own age. The street that we lived on had two girls that wanted to play with her. She wouldn’t even cross the street without me.

One day I was obsessed with a book and sitting on the curb in front of my house. She wanted me to go across the street with her. I refused. She asked me again. I refused again.

I wanted to read, I really didn’t want to go across the street and engage in small talk with the neighbors. So she stepped out on her own and I never had to cross the street with her again.

A few years later my neighbor lady shared a concern with me that she had for her own daughter. She said every time her daughter came home from school she said how much she wished she was like my daughter. My daughter was so popular.

The lady was worried that her daughter was not making friends.

I asked my daughter to come and talk to the lady because I didn’t really know what to say.

The lady asked my daughter if anyone played with her daughter. She paused for a moment and then said, “She has friends.” She reassured the woman again and I could see the mother relaxing.

No mother wants their child to feel lonely. I understood.

There have been times when I have regretted that day I sat on the curb. Something changed between my daughter and me that day.

I realized that was the first day she flew without my wings covering her.

I could have kept her under my wings, sheltering her and protecting her.

Isn’t that what love is?

If I did that, she would have never flown solo, she wouldn’t have been strong enough.

Instead I forced her to take the gift of confidence and encouraged her to fly, demanded it even.

As she flew out from under my wings it was if I saw her beauty for the first time. Just her, not me and her, and she  gets more  beautiful and confident the higher she soars.


This was a topic that I saw posted on a Christian Writer’s blog. It was a thought provoking question.

I was wrestling with this in my personal life. An ex-boyfriend was begging for forgiveness and reconciliation.

I had changed my phone number, blocked him from my email and now he had resorted to sending me letters, cards and dropping off food and gifts on my front porch.

Surely I should reconcile with this man. Right?

I was not at peace when I thought of reconciliation with this man.  I was finally living my life and enjoying it, how dare he disturb my joy.

He said that God had pointed out what he should ask forgiveness for.

Yeah, that’s right, now he was using the God card in his play for my heart.

I found his pleas for forgiveness self serving. Most of them revolved around the times he had pushed me away when I tried to show him affection.

I endured the cards for a week, then I put “Return to Sender” on the front and “STOP CONTACTING ME – we are over,” on the back. That card went back in the mailbox.

I went out to the mailbox the next afternoon because I felt bad. I didn’t want to hurt him. I guess it was much easier to hurt myself and my relationship with God.

The letter was gone. It had been sent.

I would have to deal with my guilt.

The next morning I was still battling the guilt and I started praying over the situation.

I received a revelation from God.

He hadn’t asked forgiveness for what God would want me to forgive him for.

The items he would have asked forgiveness for if he was truly hearing from God would have been:

#1 – Forgiveness for encouraging me to sin by having premarital sex. I had asked him several times to not pressure me to do that. The pressure continued.

#2 Forgiveness for disrespecting my intelligence and my worth as a human and for valuing me only for the sexual pleasure my body could give him and my outward beauty.

#3 Forgiveness for lying to me for four years, saying that he would move to my house and sell his.

#4 Forgiveness for lying to me about a relationship with another woman who may have had ill intentions for our relationship.

I don’t know who he heard, or if he was just making it all up. I doubt that he heard God. God does not speak through the Holy Spirit in contrast to what is written in His word.

Once i received wisdom from God, I let go of the guilt. I realized that I had chosen the right response.

Instead of reconciling with someone who would lead me back into sin, I chose to draw closer to God by walking away from reconciliation.