I finally have what I have been searching for. It is something I have tasted with great relish in various times in my life. I have gone to church to find it and it has been elusive. I have tried hard to start my own and I was exhausted by the effort. Just recently, in a very organic fashion, I found it. It was a collection of Christian sisters who are committed to following God and meeting weekly for a Bible study.

Why do I need this so desperately? I have a three wonderful children, a boyfriend who simply adores me, a career which sustains me and challenges me, a beautiful house in the burbs, enough money to pay my bills. Why on earth was I so lonely?

I didn’t have enough sisters in Christ.

This is something I have been yearning for all of my life. It came about in the most unexpected fashion…

I saw a posting on a Neighborhood app where a woman over 50 asked if there were others in the neighborhood who wanted to meet for dinner and drinks. Soon there was a collection of people who got together to meet for dinner and drinks. It was NOT a dating group. Just a group of singles who were lonely like I was.

The relationship with my boyfriend was getting rocky again. I had no intention of being disloyal to him but I also had no intention of becoming isolated. He has plenty of friends.

I continue to always feel as if I need more.

So I went and it was at the Christmas party I believe when I heard of a split off group.

This group was a collection of women who got together to pray and study the Bible. I wanted to be involved. It was an organic group. Many of us went to different churches but our love for the Lord was evident.

Currently we are studying The War Room and learning truths from that excellent movie. I have shared with them my passion for Christian writing. Last night I shared by blog business cards with them. I don’t know if they will read my blog or not but it is up to God to lead people to my blog. My blog audience has grown entirely by an organic nature.

This group has been supportive of the testimony which I have shared with them as I have also shared my testimony which each one of you who reads my blog.

Last night I was being driven home by one of the girls, since I still can not drive due to my broken collar bone. She shared with me the struggles she was going through, trying to maintain her sexual purity. She said she was not going to attend single’s groups anymore where dating or hook ups were the focus. These were actually Christian groups. She was going to give it to God and allow it to become organic through God.

I supported her in this. I think organic is such a wonderful way to let go and let God have His way in our lives.

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