My dear sweet boyfriend and I are about as opposite as they come. They say opposites attract, but do they?

He is a tad bit shorter than I and has a broad frame. I am tall and slender.

He is Japanese and German in heritage. I am Russian and German.

He gets frustrated with deep cleaning. I love to deep clean but can not for the life of me figure out how to organize a closet after taking everything out. He is a whiz at organizing. In fact yesterday with his help we reorganized and cleaned a hall closet in about an hour or two. It would have taken me a week by myself.

He is always early and I am habitually late. However, when he has set up a lovely evening for us and states a specific time for me to be ready, I do not disrespect him. In those instances I am right on the money and I am ready and waiting for him.

He lives in Dallas and I live in Fort Worth. That is like the difference between night and day. For some reason, most people who live in Fort Worth tend to want to projectile vomit at the mere thought of moving to Dallas.

He has worked for Citibank for a long time. He is the Vice President of IT. He is kind enough to share with me some of the programming he does. To hear him talk of the wonders he does with the programming puts my mind into a total panic. I have no idea how he figures it all out with such a calm and pleasant demeanor. His job includes working with offshore people who can barely speak the language. He has such patience.

I am by nature very impatient with people. If I ask them to do something I expect them to do it perfectly on the first run. If they don’t do so I am furious, especially if it puts my patients at risk. My current company has been so good to have tempered that fury. I am so grateful to them for this. Yet he persists through so much more incompetence at his job that it truly amazes me.

He loves the Beatles and Elton John. I think the Beatles are tinny sounding and Elton John has never given my heart any reason to beat faster. I prefer Jazz and Classical. I also like alternative Rock and Techno music. We both like the Sinatra era so many times that is our compromise.

I am someone who has been adamant about being physically active. He has a sedentary job and struggles to find time to run and work out. I encourage him in this area because I want him to be healthy and live a long and productive life.

He can lose five lbs with one day of yard work. I can’t lose even one pound if I walk ten miles, do yard work and swim a mile. It is very difficult for me to maintain a healthy weight. We both struggle with that though so we encourage each other in this challenge.

He is shy, I am outgoing. I usually am a nervous wreck when thrown into group settings. I always think I am the most boring of individuals. I become very nervous and commonly try to fade into the woodwork if thrown into a situation where there is more than one to talk to.

Yet, if I take him to events such as these, he comments on how wonderfully I managed to interact with so many people. I look at him as if he is crazy, thinking “If you only knew how nervous I was and how unsure of myself I am, you wouldn’t be saying I managed anything well.” Yet, due to his kindness and loving comments I have become more confident.

Likewise, if we are in a group setting; I occasionally mingle with men, turn the conversation to something I know he likes to talk about, invite him into the conversation, then slyly slip away to talk with the women. This helps him overcome his initial shyness.

He has this insane idea that he is boring. Believe me, if he was boring, I wouldn’t be talking with him. I am boring enough by myself, I can assure you of that.

The wonderful thing about our relationship is that we have so much admiration for the opposite qualities in each other. We really compliment each other well.

My ex husband and I were quite opposite but I felt inferior to him because he had disdain for things which were not like him. He is now married to someone who is very similar to him and I do believe they are a wonderful match.

I think opposites can attract if each person embraces each others individuality but if you can not do that, then I think you should marry someone more like yourself.

As it is, I am so thankful for the strengths that I see in my boyfriend, they are some of my weakest areas. I am also thankful that he is so complimenting of the strengths I have.

The most important thing we share is our love of God and our devotion to Him. Without this, similarities or opposites would not even matter.

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    • Thank you! How are you doing? We haven’t talked for so long. I pray that you are doing well and being blessed. You have no idea how much you have meant to me in my life.

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