I met him when I was admitting a patient. This patient did not live in a mansion. He lived with his wife in an apartment. My true love was sitting on the couch in that apartment. I sat down right next to him and we were so close, he seemed like a button to my button hole.

I can’t remember if I was dating someone else or not because the minute we laid eyes on each other we just clicked. He was staying with my patient and his wife. I couldn’t take him home. I mean… I just met him.

As luck would have it I became really good friends with the wife of my patient and then I got to liking my patient a lot also. So they became some of my besties. I loved those two people like no other couple I have ever known. Even though they were both disabled they were the most willing and capable helpers I have met.

Every time I went to see my new best friends, I saw my true love. I knew he felt the same. My patient’s wife said he didn’t look at her like he looked at me. I kind of agreed. He looked at me with eyes of love and well… it just wasn’t the same when he looked at her.

This summer the patient’s wife went to heaven. I still miss her whenever I think about her. I have know a lot of people in my life but none as fine as her. Then just recently my former patient went to heaven also. He was just as sweet as she was. I am going to miss him loads and loads.

I got to be friends with his brother, Ed, so when my patient passed away. I called to make sure Ed was okay. He said he was doing alright and currently he was taking care of my true love for his brother. He asked me if I wouldn’t mind taking my true love, which is a Shitzu, and providing a home for him.

I didn’t think twice I said YES! YES! YES!

This is like the coolest thing that has ever happened to me. I love that little dog like nobody’s business and to take him means I am honoring my two besties which are now in heaven. I imagine they are up in heaven just overwhelmed with joy because I finally can take my true love home.

I am still sad that my besties are not here on earth because we need good people like them. But to have my true love, Pete, to come home to every day is the best way I could start this year. I want to give a shout out to my friend, Ed, for snatching him up before he was put in the pound and for thinking of me when he was wondering what to do with him.

Sometimes I think life can’t get any better. I will post a picture on my blog as soon as I get my true love home.

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