I am sure you had those days sometimes when everything seems to go wrong. Or maybe you have been put in a situation where other people don’t listen to you or they do things incompetently. The adage for this is Murphy’s law – : Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

Days or situations like that can be infuriating and it is very tempting to give in to rage and profanity when facing that kind of a challenge.

For those of you who have visited my latest post. you may realize that my recent attempt to secure a storm door was riddled with obstacles.

Well, today the man was supposed to come out at 3 pm to put the new storm door up. He called at 10:30 am and asked to come at 11 am. I said,”Sure, you can come early.” I hadn’t set my appointments up yet because I was finishing up some documentation. So a morning appointment was suitable.

Then I happened to realize, with horror, that I still had my housecoat on. I jumped in the shower and quickly got dressed. Thankfully, he did not come any earlier than 11 am.

While he was putting up the door the thought occurred to me that I should tip him. Home Depot had been a bit of an issue to deal with but this guy wasn’t Home Depot. So I thought I would give him $10. Then I started praying about it and realized that God wanted me to give him $20. So I got a 20 dollar bill out to give to him.

After he put my storm door up I gave him the money and tried out my new door. It was perfect. He had given me a box of trash to throw away and for some strange reason I decided to sort through it and retrieve some new screws for my tool boxes. While I was sorting through it, I noticed a drill bit in the box. Surely he didn’t mean to leave that, did he?

My first thought was, “Yippee! A new drill bit for me!”

My second thought was, “I had better put a hustle on  it and try to catch that man before he left because I had a sneaky suspicion that he needed the drill bit.”

I listened and obeyed the second thought because I could tell that one was from God. I ran out my door and caught the guy before he even got back in his truck. I handed him the drill bit, saying, “I had found it in the trash.”

He said,”Thank you, I need that drill bit for my next job.”

This trial that I have had with Home Depot has been an interesting one. It is somewhat ironic that I was trying to purchase a storm door and through this purchase God was teaching me about how to keep a storm from my heart and mind.

He didn’t allow me to use profane words when talking with Home Depot. Although I was upset initially and had every right to become enraged. I kept my cool. Even in the last moment when I could have kept a drill bit that wasn’t mine, He nudged me to return it to the rightful owner.

I know the Devil thought that he would cause me to act like a fool in this instance, but I chose to draw near to my God instead.

Do not be deceived, I do not believe that we are to become door mats as a Christian. I asserted my rights to receive good customer service, but I did so in a measure which ensured respect for the other person. This is very hard to do in some instances, but God is gracious enough to keep teaching me how to tame my temper when going through trials.

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