I am sure that I am not the only one who has had an issue with incompetence from other people. The construction company for my house has numerous complaints listed on the web.

Some of the work done by MHI Plantation Homes is abysmal, to say the least. If you want to read up on this company, check the pissed consumer link at

I certainly am not the only one complaining about this company. So why are they still building homes? There apparently has been media coverage of this and some people are threatening a lawsuit

I have been stewing about what to do when it comes to my home. I am in the process of contacting an attorney as well as the media. I have hired my own experts which say that my foundation is an issue. This whole mess is a big burden for me to bear.

Then on Friday, I learned from my company that they had not deposited my paycheck in the bank as they were supposed to. I had a meltdown.

First off, although I am an excellent professional and have two Bachelor’s degrees, I barely skim the poverty level of income. So when a paycheck does not hit my bank it can start an avalanche of problems.

I was told by the payroll employee on Friday that my check would not be an automatic deposit like it normally was. They said I could come by the office to pick it up.The office I work for is 25 miles from my house and can take an hour to drive there and another hour to drive back home. My company does not reimburse a penny for that.

So I told them to drop it in the mail. They assured me it would be in my mailbox on Saturday. It wasn’t in the mailbox. I was pretty angry about the situation and was praying about it in the church I go to.

Some people seem to think that they can take advantage of me. MHI PLANTATION HOMES, ROSA’S HOME HEALTH, HOME DEPOT… The list goes on and on; especially when I start talking about family law attorneys and judges.

I will give Home Depot a pass because they were actually awesome about finally fulfilling their word to me.

But when you have so many people who are clearly incompetent it can make a girl feel as if no one has any brains anymore. Either that or they are just sloppy as hell and want to take advantage of good, honest, hard-working people.

I have had to fight so many fights in my life I find it difficult to continue.

While I was in the church God brought to my mind Jeremiah 29:11 –11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

If God is on my side then it is my responsibility to put on my boxing gloves and get back in the ring.

He wants me to prosper, not to live in a house which is falling apart within the first ten years. He wants me to work for a company which is honest and pays their employees in a timely manner.

Sometimes I think that people think a good Christian woman should lay down and be a doormat for people who are scoundrels, liars, and cheats.  I don’t see how God can be glorified in that and it doesn’t appear that that is in His plans at all.

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