I have had a bit of a problem. I work as a nurse and although I have been told I am a good nurse in the home health field, I sometimes have difficulty making my bills with the amount I get paid.

I have had other offers from other companies but each time I consider leaving my present company the Lord reminds of how they have had my back in every sticky situation. Occasionally, no matter how hard I try, the patients call and complain. It hasn’t happened often, but each time it has my Director of Nurses has my back.

In nursing, it is many times a dog eat dog world, where the only way you can move up the ladder is by crushing someone else in the process. My company does not do that.

Recently I had another surgery. It was on the 20th of December, in the process of taking the hardware from a previous surgery out of my collar-bone my surgeon happened to fracture my collar-bone again. I was not happy at all.

This mistake by my surgeon meant I would have to take 1-2 months off of work. I had to tell my company this right after they had informed me that I was their main nurse. They also agreed to give me a sizable raise. The last thing I wanted to do was take any time off of work.

They really needed my help at this time. I was all on board with helping them but I also needed to make sure my right shoulder was functional because I was right-handed. I scanned them my work release and talked to one of the nurses in the office. I told her my main concern was keeping my job. She said I didn’t have to worry about that. I was valuable to the company.

I tell you what, when I heard that, my loyalty to this company jumped through the roof. They have not only kept me employed through this health crisis but continued to give me work when I could barely talk. Most of my patients are hard of hearing and the fact that they didn’t fire me when I had two paralyzed vocal cords and could barely whisper says a lot for them also.

When I started working for the company, the owner stated at one of our corporate meetings that she wanted her nurses to be loyal to her company. She has definitely achieved that goal with me.

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  1. That company is a blessing! Not many would do that. Nursing is a dog eat dog world… and it sounds like they do have your back. They may be able to help you with an office job while you are still recovering.

    • Thank you for that comment. I know, as well as you do, how vicious coworkers can be in the nursing industry. I am taking this time off of work to complete my novel. I am sure they would love for me to do some work from home but I believe God has given me this space to fulfill his destiny for my life. So love each and every comment you so tenderly give me. You are such a precious princess. Love you!

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