Yeah, I know I just posted a blog post this morning about how we should not look at the wicked and then I publish an ad page for Halloween costumes. Seems a bit backward doesn’t it? Nonetheless, some of my favorite memories from childhood were tied to Halloween. We used to have a fall festival in the gym and the only thing I remember about that was that they would tell me that the skinned grapes in a bowl were eyeballs. (yeah, like I was going to fall for that year after year) I also remember the pillow fights on saw horses. It was a fun event and in a farming community we were desperate for fun.

Take a look at the merchants below if you want to buy a costume this year. I get a small commission if you buy so it would be awfully sweet of you.

Here is a company who knows how to scare you out of some of that pocket change you have. They have a sale!

Then there is cafepress which has a selection of different items to celebrate Halloween.250x250

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