As I reflect upon the past month that I have been on work release, I have come to the realization that my primary feeling regarding this trying time is gratitude.

I have been able to reunite with my boyfriend. I am approaching the completion of my novel. I began attending a Bible Study group in my neighborhood. It is this act of being involved with a group of women which caused another miracle in my life. I asked them to pray that God would put wonderful people in my path so that I could bring this novel to publication without using any kind of publishing company.

Last Saturday I noticed I had some notifications on Linked In. I actually had a message. Most of the messages on Linked In are from people who want to advertise on my blog. God didn’t want that, so I was not successful at it. This message was different.

It was from a woman who had an woman’s empowerment movement. Her mantra was “We Can Do It.” I was hesitant to contact her because I am concerned about the way feminism is evolving. So I checked out her profile. I immediately contacted her when I read what she was all about.

She was about being empowered through the connection with the Holy Spirit to become a light for God in the world.

I met with her on Monday. The meeting started at 1 pm and lasted five hours. With most people that would have been a long time but with her it was like fifteen minutes.

I told her about my novel. She is a media genius and will help me get my novel published.

One of my concerns with self publication was how do I get on the speaking circuit if I don’t have a publisher promoting me? She has monthly meetings for women. I have the privilege of presenting a topic related to my novel next Saturday.

I don’t even have my book out yet and I am already speaking on the wisdom God has given me for it. I am just so totally amazed at how this all transpired I can barely sit still.

The interesting aspect of this is that if I would have been working I would not have noticed the message. That speaks volumes on how grateful I am for this broken collar bone.

For those of you who pray, please pray that God will give me wisdom for this meeting. I also need time and discipline to use my time wisely. But most of all thank God for this amazing opportunity to minister to other women. So excited!

3 thoughts on “GRATITUDE

    • I am going to meet with her tomorrow at 1 pm. I will definitely ask her permission to share her info with you. I think she would love to have you present at some of the meetings. She is mostly pursuing authors so it would be a good chance for you to promote your book also. 🙂

    • Hey sweet lady. Wanted to let you know that I talked with my friend, Janice, about you and she gave approval for sharing her email with you. Her email, She is wanting me to develop a series of interviews with other woman authors where I can not only promote my novel but also their novel on the live stream. Very exciting! Now I know you live in another state… We were talking about that and using Zoom to stream the interview. Just some ideas we are batting back and forth.

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