For those of you who have kept up with my blog over the past few weeks, you may know I have a bit of a problem with the way my house was constructed. The tendency for me when I  have a bit of a problem is that I  can sometimes lose focus on the big picture.

The big picture for my life is that God has put a calling on my life to become a Christian author. Each one of you who is reading my blog at this moment is a partner with me in this calling.

I have over 17,000 subscribers at this point in my blog journey and each one of you is a blessing to my heart. There are quite a few of you who are dear friends of mine.

Some of you are other bloggers such as The Opinionated Man, Secret Angel and a few others who I have come to love.

Other of my subscribers are friends of mine who could and should call me, but instead of listening to me go on and on about my life, they just read my blog. Believe me, it is much easier to read my blog, than to listen to me, so I totally understand about that. lol

Then the other part of the big picture is the novel that I am penning. I have done a total rewrite on this novel. The first manuscript was 386 pages and I am now trying to finish up the rewrite. I am currently at 420 pages and desperately struggling to figure out how to bring it to a close.

I remember one man at a writing seminar who told me my first book should not exceed 100 pages. I just shook my head and dissolved into a fit of laughter.

There is no way I could do my characters justice in that short amount of space. There seem to be all kinds of crazy rules for writers and for the most part, I avoid other writers like the plague because I never have liked rules made by other people.

As I have prayed about the situation with my house I have had a sense of peace. I have blogged about this company to warn my readers. I have posted some reviews of them on Facebook to warn my friends. I will talk to some attorneys to explore the possibility of a lawsuit but I will not lose focus on the calling on my life.

A few years back I would have handled it differently. I would have gone into my pit bull mentality and torn the company to shreds. I would have most likely dissolved into a puddle of profanity and rage. In other words because of someone else’s incompetence and sloppiness (Plantation Homes) I would have opened the door to the devil in my heart and mind.

I keep reciting Mathew 6:33 to remind myself of the focus I should have in life. 33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; all these things shall be added unto you.

It is of much greater importance that I finish my novel and continue blogging than that I take revenge on Plantation Homes.

In addition to this, I want to thank each one of you, whether you are Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Atheistic or some other religion for reading my blog. You are my inspiration.

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