There are so many distractions that the world can lay in your path.

In the Bible it says, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all of these things shall be added unto you.”

That is easy to do if your path is not fraught with the dangers of heart ache and heart-break. I find that when the devil seeks to destroy me and those I love, my mind becomes obsessed with the chaos that is left in his wake.

At the present, my life is wonderful and I AM focused on seeking God first. I have some issues to straighten out with certain people in my life which may result in some broken relationships. Yet, overall, my life is drama free.

Unfortunately, I can not say the same thing for my brother.

He is living in the town I grew up in. It is a very, very small town and is smaller yet, in its ability to abide by the Word of God.

It is not that people do not go to church in that town. They go as if addicted. There are five churches in that town for less than 1,000 people.  Most Sundays they flood the churches like fire ants at a picnic.

My brother is the only one of my siblings who stayed in that town. He is tending the farm which I grew up on. He married his high school sweetheart. Their marriage has lasted for thirty-five years. They have two grown daughters. One which has struggled with cancer.

I have always marveled that he could stay in that town and be happy. He was quite happy until his wife left him just a few weeks ago.

They had a big fight and he had been insensitive to her feelings. She walked out and moved in with her parents. This happened right after he had completed building her a fabulous mansion out in the country.

Then the lies started and gossip spread through that town like a wildfire.

My brother was accused of having an affair with another woman, even though all that they did was have lunch. My brother was never behind closed doors with this woman. He liked her as a friend and that is all.

That lie started the fuel for another lie. Soon the rumor was that my brother was having an affair with his physical therapist. Those idiots don’t even know the difference in therapists. He didn’t have a physical therapist. He only had a massage therapist and he certainly didn’t have an affair with her.

The divorce papers were served a couple of weeks ago.

Apparently Nebraska considers women to be much more important than what Texas does. His wife has filed for half of his net worth.

I actually had to pay my ex-husband in my divorce and I got no alimony and little child support. If I ever get married again it is going to be on another continent or Mars. I will never make that mistake in Texas again.

When you are a farmer, much of your net worth is tied up in the equipment. My brother went into horrible debt to build his wife their new mansion. He doesn’t have any net worth. He has only debt. So he will have to sell his equipment which will cause him to have to quit farming. On top of this, his wife is demanding alimony. Don’t know how he is going to do that if he can’t farm.

My concern is not for his finances. I fear he will not survive this ordeal. He has chronic health problems which are worse with stress.

My only hope is that somehow he can survive this ordeal. My other hope is that I can stop worrying about what this may do to my brother and my family. It is difficult to seek the Kingdom of God when the devil is attacking the brother you love with your whole heart. Very difficult indeed….



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