I am by nature a very content person. I have a house that I am very fond of, just recently bought a beautiful new car, I have a very stylish wardrobe but I will be honest I am envious. I get sick with envy when I hear of people that can travel.

I love to travel. I have been to Peurto Rico and the Virgin Islands as a young girl. I have been to many states in our country. I have traveled to Mexico and the Dominican Republic and also to England and Wales. Yet I want to travel so much more.

This envy has become an obstacle for me. I can’t even hear someone talk about their travels without going all green.

I started talking to God about it and the next morning the devil was knocking on the door of my thoughts saying. “Hey there, you know your sister is right now in Australia or New Zealand right? Don’t you wish that you were her?”

I prayed about it immediately and asked God to help me deal with this sin which so besets my heart. Then I got up and realized that the pain in my feet from my plantar fasciitis was just as severe as ever. It felt like knives were sticking through my feet. What fun would it be to travel when I can not walk one step without severe pain?

As I gingerly walked to my kitchen the cool of my tile floor helped ease the pain in my feet. My daughter was up and we exchanged morning pleasantries. If I had been overseas I may have missed that moment and I treasure each moment I can spend with her.

The other item of importance in my life is my novel. I am working on it and hope to finish it soon. God has revealed that this novel is of primary importance to Him and it is His will that I finish it while I am here on earth.

In regards to my novel, I try to spend as much of my free time as possible on it. When I have traveled, I have spent an enormous amount of time planning, packing and traveling. I do like to get away to work on my novel but I don’t have the finances currently to do that.

I hope and pray that someday I will be able to travel more. Yet, I realize that to walk on the path of envy and want to be someone else is not pleasing to God. It is also a path which walks in direct opposition to the peace that God wants me to have.  I am trying to enjoy each moment of this wonderful life I have in the place where God has planted me.


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