I needed someone to put a drainage system in my backyard. I got three bids and decided on one company. I told the guy how I wanted it done and he did something different than what I wanted.

I overlooked that because I thought if it still worked, it would be all good. He was a hard worker and seemed to know what he was doing.

After he was done in my backyard there was still a problem. I kept calling him and he came out once or twice and the last time he came out was close to Thanksgiving. He turned off the water to my irrigation at that time.

Alright, I may be a bit OCD about watering my lawn and my gardens but if you had soaked as much money into your yard as I have in mine I imagine you may be too.

The reason why he turned off the irrigation was because I had a leak in my back yard. It was a puddle every morning near my rock ledge and rock steps that bordered my flower garden.

In the mean time, every thing else in my back and front yard was going brown. He said this was good because it was going dormant at the right time and the energy was being diverted into the root ball. I hope he is right because every tree in my front yard looks dead as a nail and if he is not right I will be upset next spring.

So he said he would call me a week after turning off the water to check and see if there was still a leak. I waited for the call. It didn’t come. So I texted him a picture of the puddle and a nice text message.  He didn’t call. So I called him and left a message. He didn’t call. So I set an appointment with his online scheduling for last Tuesday morning and he didn’t show up or call.

I started reading the reviews on his company and his lack of communication was a strong thread throughout all of his reviews. I thought just a moment about how to handle this and realized that he may not be good at communication but I am above par in written communication. So I posted a review on as many sites as I could and it wasn’t a favorable review.

Guess what? He called! He left a message. He said he had been on vacation and was not returning calls during his week of vacation. I guess I was supposed to know this by osmosis because this was the first time I heard this excuse. For the record, the text message I sent was sent the week before his supposed “vacation.”

He said my review could hurt his business and it would be really hard for him to come out to my home after reading that review.

Okay, like by this time I am scratching my head in awe at the gall of this man. He wasn’t coming out to my house to begin with and my review was reflective of his poor customer service.

Then he texted me that customers were texting and calling him about my review. I told him that did not surprise me because I was a professional writer.

This was really beginning to piss me off. He doesn’t communicate. I call him on his poor customer service and he tries to make me feel guilty?

So, I pondered a moment. I don’t like hurting someone else’s chance to make a living and he was a hard worker. Plus a verse in Ephesians came to my mind about only using words that can build someone up. (Sometimes I think I know the Bible way too good. lol)

I came to a compromise. I said I would pull down the reviews and give him one week to resolve the matter. If it was not resolved I would repost the reviews.

I have already called another company and have them on standby if this guy doesn’t respond. His lack of professionalism is not my problem but having a job done incorrectly at this time is my problem.

I have learned something from this upsetting experience.

Posting well written reviews is an effective way to get people to respond and also to warn others about incompetent professionals.

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