I heard the report about what happened to Doctor Dao and the United Airline flight. I was appalled. To be a paying customer and to be treated like that is horrible.

Knowing that he was a doctor I am thinking that one of the reasons why he could not give up his seat was due to his compassion for his patients. He didn’t want to disappoint them.

I have heard that him and his wife initially offered to give up their seats but when they found out the next flight was some time later the next day they rescinded the offer. They had a responsibility to other people to get home.

As I was thinking of this story I had great compassion and understanding for Doctor Dao. Many times as a single mother I have been tossed aside as if I am nothing and it hurts a lot. It makes me angry, at the very least.

As I was reflecting on this tragic story I was also trying to think of what I could blog for Easter. Then I realized the similarities and differences between Christ and Doctor Dao were quite striking.

Jesus gave up His seat in heaven to be born among the lowest of the low. He was born in a stable where the stench of cow dung and animals lay heavy in the air.

He was not well known until he was thirty years old. There is some mention of his antics of turning clay into birds as a young child and killing a playmate and then bringing him back to life as a teenager. However, mention of this is found in those books which were not allowed to become a part of the Bible. So the majority of His life is a hidden mystery until he started His ministry.

I don’t have a clue what the childhood of Doctor Dao was but I do know now that he is a physician and one who is very committed to his practice. He obviously takes pride in his art of healing.

Jesus was committed to healing others also. Even though He didn’t go to medical school, with the touch of his hand or His spoken word He could do wonders. He even raised Lazarus from the dead!

At first, United stood behind the action of their employees as they disrespected Doctor Dao. Then, when the media got a hold of the video, they abruptly changed their tune and said they were sorry.

The more Jesus became well known, the more the authorities plotted to end His life. The power that he showed and the love that he lived exposed their hypocrisy.

Doctor Dao’s family stood behind him and his daughter actually went on Television to defend her father and to justify his reaction to this injustice.

Jesus’ family sought Him out to call Him “Crazy.” His friends, every single one of them, betrayed Him when He needed them most.

Doctor Dao has filed a lawsuit against United to make sure this never happens to anyone else. I imagine the settlement will allow him to retire early.

Jesus went through a beating, mockery and was nailed to a cross. He stuck to His life of humility until the very end when He said,”It is finished.”

Doctor Dao was asked to give up his seat in the airplane. When he refused, he was physically assaulted and forced to give up his seat for other employees of United.

Jesus willingly gave up His throne in heaven to be humiliated, beaten, tortured, betrayed and mocked just so that those of us who sin could one day live in eternity with Him.

Sometimes the humility of Jesus astounds me and when compared to the reaction of Dr. Dao it leaves me speechless, for I am more like Dr. Dao than I care to admit.

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