I have a bit of a reputation as a crazy cat lady. I really don’t have many cats anymore but if you ask me,”Do I love cats?” I would tell you I am crazy about them. So I guess I am a crazy cat lady.

I love all animals though. Most dogs absolutely think I am the best, the minute they see me. Many of my patients in home health have dogs and the majority of them get so excited when they see me. I bring treats along for the dogs that reside with my patients. But some of them are actually more excited about me than the treats.

I have been bit a couple of times on the ankles by Chihuahua’s. I don’t know why that breed doesn’t like me but I think they can probably read my mind. I always think they look like overgrown rats. May be why they bite me.

Although I love dogs, I have only had two dogs in my life which were perfect. Cats, on the other hand, don’t know how to be anything but perfect. They don’t slobber all over when they eat, they cover their poop and they are amazing cuddle bunnies.

So today after I got home from work, I decided I wanted to relax with my cats and watch a movie. I checked Netflix and found a movie called “A Street Cat named Bob.” I turned it on thinking I would be mildly amused. Instead I was mesmerized by the acting, which was superb, and the story which was captivating.

My cats were hilarious. My oldest female had her eyes glued to the set watching the handsome orange alley cat on screen. The male cats snoozed through the whole movie.

I was so touched by the movie I shed tears at the end and that rarely happens. I would recommend watching the movie when you have a night with no distractions because it deserves that kind of attention.

Jason Bowen is the man whom the story is about. If you can’t watch the movie I would encourage you to buy his book by the same name.

It would make a wonderful Christmas gift for absolutely anyone!

2 thoughts on “CRAZY CAT LADY

    • THANK YOU! I hope you treat yourself to either the movie or his novels. He has now written three novels. When I get my Christmas money I am going to get straight on Amazon and buy the whole package. I have a heart for the homeless and for cats soooo I am all soupy when it comes to wonderful stories about either. I am a complete mess of gush when it is about both the homeless and cats. I seldom recommend books or movies to anyone, so when I do, you know they got to be over the top great! This story is definitely a winner.

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