Last week when my middle son was at my home to celebrate his sister’s graduation from college, there was another special day that required a celebration. It was his birthday that Saturday.

I asked him which cake he would prefer for the celebration and he chose the Oreo cake.

I discovered this cake a few years ago and it became a favorite of my sons.

In addition, I needed to find something which I could prepare in advance for the birthday dinner. That way  I could spend the majority of his visit chatting with him and his girlfriend.

After searching the internet for a bit of time I decided on Chicken and Spinach Lasagna,

I made a few changes in this recipe to kick it up a notch in the deliciousness and then put the Chicken and Spinach lasagna in the oven to bake half way through.

I was excited. I have always enjoyed hosting my children and their friends for big lavish dinners and my son had invited a friend of his over that evening.

My sons friend is Jewish so I was even considerate enough to use kosher cream cheese for the lasagna. I truly thought I had done an awesome job only to find out when my son arrived that the lasagna was not kosher. A kosher diet does not allow meat and milk products to mix. My bad.

My son said he would really rather go out to eat with his friend.


I mean we didn’t even know how strict this guy was in relation to his kosher diet.

He kept insisting that they go out.

I shed a few tears. I had already gone to so much work for this and I had no idea what I was going to do with the large 9×13 pan of lasagna.

So they went out and I started brainstorming about who I could share my lasagna with. For the record, they did come back and have some cake and ice cream. But not a bite of lasagna was to be had.

“Well,” I thought, “My boyfriend is having company coming from out of town. I will just give him the big pan of lasagna to share with his company.”

We picked up his friends at DFW airport Saturday night. This was after my boyfriend and I  had dropped my son off at the airport. We ate dinner at the Pecan Lodge and they rode all the way back to my place. I gave them a tour of my home. Not once during all of this time did it occur to me that there was a lasagna that was waiting patiently in my fridge to be eaten by them.

I didn’t remember the lasagna till the morning of Mother’s day. That was when I cried out to God. “PLEASE help me know who you want me to share this lasagna with.” It clearly did not have my son or my boyfriend’s name on it.

Then the thought occurred to me that I could share it with my friend, Kathy. Her and her husband, Darwin, have been such amazing friends to me. They have done so much to bless me and are so generous with me. This would be a wonderful opportunity for me to return just a smidgeon of the blessings I have received from them. So I texted Kathy and asked her permission to share.

She had actually been bed bound for three days with an exacerbation of lymphedema and she said she sure could use it. So I made a salad to go with it, along with some french bread and gave them some banana bread muffins for the next morning, along with 2 pieces of birthday cake.

They invited me to eat with them and I did eat a little bit. It was yummy, but even yummier because I was sharing it. This thought, which was obviously a God thought, just totally kicked my Mother’s day into a truly over the top amazing day and because of my children it had already been a fantastic day.

2 thoughts on “BIRTHDAY DINNER

  1. It was an amazing day! Not only did I get to enjoy such a lavish homemade dinner, I got to spend some quality time with an amazing Godly woman! I have been so blessed with her friendship! Thank you and Love you!😘

    • You are welcome. I so owed you in so many ways. This was just a small token in the bank of paybacks that I owe to you and Darwin. You are the sweetest couple ever! It was such a joy for me to share the lasagna with you and to visit with you both was superb. Totally topped off my Mother’s day with joy. Thank you so much for allowing me to bless you. You deserve so much more than what I can give…

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