Those of you who follow this blog know that my brother’s wife left him several months ago. This was after thirty five years of marriage.

I loved her like a sister so this was a big blow to me. She was one of my closest friends. I still love her and I know my brother still loves her also.

Even though I love her, I love my brother so much more and to see him go through this heartbreak is very unsettling.

In the Bible it says that we should carry each other’s burden. Well that is all fine and good but I live in Texas and my brother lives in Nebraska. My arms are long but not that long!

I moped around my house for the first few weeks after she left, getting very little sleep. I still worked and kept up other obligations but this really was a hard thing to swallow.

My daughter and I had several conversations about this break up. She said that I shouldn’t let his impending divorce affect me so much.

Yet the Bible says I should carry his burden.

So how do I carry his burden?

Number one-I pray for him. When I know he is facing a hard day, I pray extra.

Number two-I call him and encourage him as much as I can.

Number three-I cook and bake yummy items and send them to him. He has gotten soup, cookies and other items from my kitchen. He is so thankful for them. My mother has him over for one meal a day too. He needs some fattening up so I am all about sending him food.

Number four- I give thanks to God for my brother and for seeing me through my divorce and other events which have been heartbreaking for me.

I think the most important thing I have learned is to step away when I need to, in order to preserve my own happiness.

I have recently ended a long term relationship with a man because he kept stealing my happiness and I am not about to let any other person steal that again.

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