I recently turned 55 years old and with that accomplishment I had encountered another Birthday. My birthday is on New Year’s Eve. Most people would think that would turn out well for me but it actually has not been the best reality.

This year was different. My daughter made my birthday so special it was filed in the cherished memory cabinet of my brain.

She took me to Waco to see the Magnolia Market two days before my birthday. I have loved Chip and Joanna since the moment I saw them on television. Going to Waco to see their Silos was on my bucket list.

The Silos are amazing and it was a perfect time to go visit them. The decor of Christmas was still blanketing the corrugated steel, the market had some Christmas items on sale and it seemed as if every breath I took filled my lungs with good tidings. It was so nice to support a couple who is clearly Christian in their walk and rejoice in the success which God has blessed them with.

In addition to walking through the Silos my daughter and I partook of the delicious cupcakes in the Magnolia Bakery. Our favorite was the lemon lavender but I was quite fond of the red velvet peppermint cupcake also

On my Birthday my daughter and her fiance’ planned to take me out for dinner. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen that day due to the weather. But my daughter stayed true to her word and we went to a luxurious French restaurant in the ClearFork development. That was the closest thing to heaven I have experienced. The decor was European and the souffle’s were marvelous. I had to keep pinching myself to make sure this was really happening.

My daughter is such an amazing and wonderful person. Her generosity and kindness continues to warm my heart. For anyone who has a teenager which is hostile, I would encourage you to continue to love them. She was hostile to me for many years and I just kept loving and praying for her.

The Lord has healed the wounds in our relationship over the past few years. I give Him all glory and honor because it was a Bible verse that encouraged me to give her shelter when she needed it. For those of you who say that there is no instruction book for raising children I would encourage you to seek wisdom from God’s word.

I also got some wonderful Birthday cards and my former boyfriend was kind enough to give me some gift cards.

There was one last card that I was expecting. It was from my brother. I don’t remember him ever sending me a birthday card before. I have always loved him but for some reason I always felt as if he didn’t really know how to process me.

When I was little I would try to give him a goodnight kiss. He never let me plant one on his cheek or his lips. I don’t remember talking with him much at all even though he was only three years older than me.

When I went to college he moved back to the farm and started farming. I believe it was in college that I realized he had an outrageous sense of humor. He would wait until my mouth was full of food at holiday dinners. Then he would drop a hilarious joke into the atmosphere which would get me laughing so hard I would have to sprint to the kitchen sink to spit out my food. I began to really enjoy him despite his poor timing of jokes. Yet there was still distance.

When I got divorced I got a short letter from him. I have kept that letter all of these years because it meant so very much to me. There was one time he came to visit me and I remember thinking how smart and wise I thought he was. Talking with him was on a whole different level of intelligence.

Then a few years back my brother and his wife visited me. I had never gotten to know his wife but I began getting to know her while they visited me on this trip. She was and is a remarkable woman. I began to love her dearly.

This past year my brother’s wife left him. I felt like I had lost one of my best friends when this happened. I still love her so dearly and it breaks my heart that she is no longer my brother’s wife. Yet I have called my brother and talked with him so much since this has happened. I tell him on almost every phone call that I love him. I know it is hard for him to say that back to me but it has now become a common occurrence.

I kept looking for the card. He said he had sent me one. I finally got it a few days ago and I wanted to share it with you because every one who reads my blog has become so dear to he.

The front of the card says, “You’re such a wonderful sister.” As you open the card it goes on to say,”When I think of the ups and downs we’ve shared together, the laughter and the tender moments… I realize how very lucky I am to have you. We don’t get to choose our sisters… but if we could I would have chosen you.” Happy Birthday.

Once again my brother has impacted my world in a way that no other person can do. He doesn’t say much but when he does say something it is like a bomb of love has just exploded all over my heart.

I will keep this card until the day I die because sometimes it is not how much a person says but how well they say it that makes them such a remarkable person to know and love.

4 thoughts on “BIRTHDAY WISHES

  1. Great post, Again Happy Birthday my dear friend and a very Happy New Year, God Bless you and your children today and forever!

    Your friend

    Mark Weaver

    • Thank you my dear friend! You are such a ray of sunshine in my life. I love going to church with you and I am so thankful that you are a participant in that arena of my life. Who knew when we met ten years ago that God would bless our friendship in such a special way. You are cherished by God and deeply appreciated by me. Thank you so much for being my friend.
      Your friend,

    • Thank you so much! I hope the same for you! How is that adorable grandchild doing? I imagine you are the world’s best grandma! I am hoping my novel brings enough money in so that I can retire from nursing and become a professional grandmother. Can wait till those babies start popping out! Hope you are doing well. Still would like to meet up with you sometime soon. Would like to discuss the publishing process with you. I am leaning towards learning how to self publish my own novel and in the process will be establishing a publication company. Please pray for me. I have never done something this huge but if God is involved I want it to be done right and I can not ensure that others are as committed to excellence as I am.

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