My pastor and his wife were beaming when they told the church about adopting their son. I was over the moon with excitement. They were actually at the hospital when the natural mother gave birth. I quickly bought some clothes for the baby shower. Couldn’t wait to see the little guy.

Then right before Christmas the tide changed. The natural father had petitioned the court for custody of the baby. I got sick when I heard that and had to leave church. I am still bruised from the custody battle I endured several years ago.

Soon after that, I had horrific pain in my right collar-bone area and couldn’t attend church on a frequent basis due to a fracture in my collar-bone. Yesterday I was able to return to church. My, how I had missed it. During the sermon the pastor made reference to praying over his son while holding the precious one in his arms.

I asked him what had happened with the custody battle? He said the natural father had not yet responded. He had only six business days left to respond correctly. If the natural father did not do so, then the pastor and his wife would have full custody of the child.

I was so thankful.

Then I thought about those baby clothes I had purchased. On Saturday I had asked my boyfriend to take me to Target because I thought I needed to get my money back for the clothes. I was under the impression that my pastor and his wife had to give the baby back to the father. So we drove to Target, got there and I did not have my receipt. I knew I had that receipt in the bag. I just knew it but it wasn’t there anymore. So I asked the cashier if there was any other way I could get my money back. He said, “Sure there is, if you have an ID.”

I looked in my purse. NO ID! Nope! I had left that in my car after doing some banking. Blast it. So I said I could come back and do it a different time.

Then on Sunday I got the news that I may be able to give the baby the clothes after all. I just thought it was so sweet that a heavenly Father would be so concerned about this little child that he would even stop the return of some clothes bought for him.

God is so great that he is paying attention to every detail regarding this child.

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