Hey there! I feel like a bad blogger for not wishing all of my single Mom’s a Happy Mother’s Day. So here it goes, I hope you all had a super duper fantastic day. HAPPY BELATED MOTHER’S DAY

I had a wonderful day. Actually, it was more like a wonderful few days.

My daughter graduated from College last Wednesday, so my son and his girlfriend flew in from Florida on Tuesday evening.

He is moving to Maryland in June to start working at the NIH. Then in August he will be moving to Baltimore to start his doctorate studies at the John Hopkins University.

I am very stoked about this, but the only downfall to this is that his girlfriend won’t be moving up there for a year. He is kind of like me in that he is highly intelligent but cannot, on a normal basis, find his keys. His girlfriend, on the other hand, always knew where his keys were. Love that girl! (Don’t know how that boy is going to survive without that girl by his side.)

I got an awesome T-shirt from this son, saying that I was a John Hopkins University Mom. Looking forward to wearing that soon!

Then I had an unexpected present from some of my daughter’s friends. Her sweet boyfriend threw a huge party for her to honor her for graduating from college. Some of her dear friends caught my ear and whispered “Thank you so much for raising Natalie. She is so sweet.”

I was so honored by that. My daughter is not only sweet, but it is clear that she is a champ when it comes to picking great friends. In addition, her boyfriend is so beyond perfect, it is unreal.

On Sunday my daughter invited me to a church I had not attended before and I enjoyed doing that with her. Then we went to lunch and to the Botanical gardens. It was a beautiful day.

I also got to speak with my youngest son on the phone. He is going to Louisiana Tech for Industrial engineering and is suffering through finals this week. For him to take the time out to call meant a lot. I didn’t expect anything else from him and when I unexpectedly received a card in the mail the day after Mother’s day I was surprised.

I opened the card and in it the card said I was “the biggest blessing in his life.” That made me feel so good. It was the most heartfelt and wonderful card I have ever received.

I truly hope that all of my readers who are Mother’s had a fabulous day. I hope your children honored you for the way you raised them.

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