Last week was my daughter’s graduation from college. She graduated with a Respiratory Therapist degree and had a job offered to her at a hospital before she even graduated. She just started working at the hospital this weekend.

I am super duper proud of her because during high school her main subject was “socializing.” She would flit in and out of the house going from one social event to another. She was relatively popular and still has a handful of friends from those days. Her bestie and her have been tight since they were in Junior High.

I have never felt as unpopular as I did while being her mother when she was in high school. She rarely said kind things to me and the glare she could throw me stopped me in my tracks.

Through the past four years, she has been living with me and God has healed our relationship is such a miraculous way. I delight in seeing her as many days as I can. Sometimes she stays with her boyfriend in the city instead of me out in the suburbs. On the weekends when she is staying in the city it gets lonely out in the burbs.

My middle son used to be her target for bullying. She could be cruel at times to him but their relationship had also matured to a point of mutual love. He and his girlfriend were flying in to attend her graduation. When talking with him he mentioned that my daughter’s boyfriend was planning a party to celebrate her graduation.

I didn’t figure I would be invited to this party because I was the parent. So I talked with my boyfriend and we made plans to attend an event in the city.  That way we could be close by, in case anyone needed a ride home, or in any way became uncomfortable.

The week was busy and on Friday, the day of the party, I had planned on taking my daughter, my son and his girlfriend to an art museum. There was just one thing I had to do before I jumped in the car to take them to the museum. I had to check on my bill pay. Apparently, the system I use to pay bills had not processed my payments to two different credit cards. This was the third time they had messed up on my bill pay and it was putting my stellar credit score at risk.

In a bit of frustration, I quickly got on my computer to check the account I had set up to pay my bills. I made some phone calls to Discover bank which does my bill pay. I told them that because of their incompetence I would be closing down all of my dealings with them in a matter of months.

But something else happened when I was checking my bank account.When I got my computer up I saw a flash to the right side of my screen saying that I had been invited to my daughter’s graduation party! I was so excited! Her boyfriend told me later that I had been the first one on the invite list.

Although I was still upset with Discover bank over their incompetence I was thankful to God that He had allowed it to happen on that day. Without the incompetence of Discover bank, I would have missed my daughter’s Graduation party which was a lovely affair.

This brings to mind the well known verse in Romans 8:28 – “For God causes all things to work together for good to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.”

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    • Thank you! I hope that you are doing well. I think of you often and pray for you frequently. How are you and your children? Is your daughter who is at LA Tech almost finished with her degree? My son is still working on his. Gads, I had no idea how difficult an engineering degree could be! ;} I love you sweet sister in Christ!

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