At times it seems as if my schedule is more about handling unexpected changes, than sticking to my schedule.
There are times in life when I think I have my day planned. Most days I plan my schedule and then hand it over to God. Involved in this handing over thing is a bit of pleading that I will get my tasks done.

This Saturday I had a full day planned. My son was leaving in the morning to go back to Louisiana to attend college. I always send a lot of food along with him. I think between the gift cards I bought him for restaurants and my left overs he shouldn’t have to spend any money on food until long after Christmas.

I get special joy in providing nutrition for this son because during one of my family court battles I was accused of not feeding him. That was such a blatant lie and such a wicked accusation that I knew it originated in the devil. So every time I feed my children I get super happy because I know it gets the devil’s horns all twisted in a mess.

While my son was still preparing to get on his way, the doorbell rang. The guy who was hanging my Christmas lights on my house was standing on my front porch. I gave him my lights and then started back upstairs to help my son change his linens. That way when he came home for Christmas it would be an easy transition.

I had initially planned to meet someone in Dallas to go to the Arboretum but those plans fell through. I was disappointed because I really wanted to see the beautiful display. After praying for a bit I realized I didn’t really have time to go all the way to Dallas. My house was in an uproar with boxes of Christmas decorations scattered throughout.

I started working on unpacking my decorations and God provided a dinner with a friend opportunity that was close by my house. I didn’t get the whole house decorated yet but I did have a wonderful day. I knew that God was in control and although my day hadn’t turned out as planned I was content with the unexpected changes.


Lately I have been exposed to a new kind of ridiculousness. I met someone who told me about people in Dallas who appear to think they are better than others because they come from a “Pedigreed” blood line.

Alright now, I know that pedigree can make a difference in cats, dogs and maybe horses but people? Yepper, in Dallas their are whole families of people who have their noses up in the air because of their families money.

This person said that he had dated one of these “aristocrats”. He said her family had businesses in several different countries and that she didn’t need to work. The only work she did was an hour or two every now and then. She worked for her Dad. Apparently that was exhausting for her.

One of the traits of people in this class of lunacy is that they are rarely ever satisfied. They send food back again and again at restaurants. They complain if they are not treated as if they are royalty and they demand the best. I mean they deserve the best because of their blood line right?

I have been in homes in Fort Worth, due to my job, that would fit into this class. There is a marked difference though. The aristocrats of Fort Worth are not snooty. They are very welcoming and kind. They have invited me into their home as I have provided health care for them. Some of them have a coat of arms for their family; just as some of my friends are designing for their own family. The shield does not hide a proud heart though.

If I searched back through my heritage I know I would find a very hard working and wealthy blood line that emanated from Prussia. I am aware that my great grandfather on my father’s side was a very wealthy man and my father is not poverty stricken either but I don’t believe that gives me a right to treat others harshly.

In fact, I do believe that it really doesn’t matter in the long run which “blood line” you are born into. The only thing which matters is that Jesus’ blood covers your sin. If you believe that Jesus died on the cross to be the bridge of forgiveness to get back to God then you are actually considered His child. Now that is a royal blood line that beats all others.