Every day it was a thorn in my side. Every day I would shake my head when I looked at it. Every day I would say I got to clean my closet. I knew it was not only my closet which needed to be cleaned but when I looked at my daughter’s room, and closet, I thought the messy gene had propagated very well in our house.

There is an unspoken rule in my house. I don’t bother my children about how they keep their rooms when they are home. All of my guest rooms are upstairs in my home and I clean them before and after the guests arrive. My children are all adults now and I have figured if they want to live in a mess, then that is their decision, not mine. However, if they come into my kitchen and make a mess I do expect them to clean it up because this is a common area which we all share.

My daughter is very busy at this point in her life. She goes to college full time, works part time for one company and has privileges to work for another company whenever it suits her schedule. That is the excuse I recite to myself every time I see her closet. I really don’t mind how she keeps her room because she is very busy developing her career and I understand that. She lives with me right now as she is getting established and is under quite a bit of stress. If I continue to fuss at her about her room it would put more stress on her.

So that is why I don’t mind if her room is cluttered but I was getting very upset about the mess in my closet, so a couple of weeks ago I tackled the mess. I put all of the items that I wanted to sell at the garage sale in a guest bedroom. I rearranged the way I stored my scarves and purses. I even went through all of the drawers in my dresser and cleaned them out and set up a whole new system for my clothes. I was very pleased with the end product.

I mentioned in passing to my daughter how happy I was with my clean closet and said nothing more. Then God got involved and we had a horrible night of storms. We decided that my closet would be our safe room and we went in there with our laptops and cell phones and waited out the storm. I didn’t say much about how much work I had gone to in my closet. My daughter could see. Before I had cleaned it out we would not have been able to sit on the floor in that room.

The day after the storm I heard my daughter bustling about upstairs. I figured she was cleaning. What I didn’t figure, was that she was cleaning her closet. She did a fantastic job. I hadn’t said a word to her about her room or closet. I had just set an example. Sometimes the best way to teach someone something is to be the example you want to see in them. The next morning I looked in my closet and saw her sandals laying on the floor. It was a reminder to me that the path I choose will be the most likely path for my children. I am so thankful that the Lord has guided me to the path of righteousness. It is not an easy path to follow but it is the most peaceful and serene path one could choose.


Everyone likes winning. It is a good feeling to accomplish goals. If you are competitive it can be close to an obsession to win. I was discussing this with one of my sons the other day. We are both very competitive and we know someone who is even more competitive than we are. We discussed the benefits and drawbacks to the obsessive nature of winning.

As we were discussing this, the thought process entered my mind about the greatest battle ever won. That is the battle to conquer death. No common person has been dead for three days and then walked out of a tomb other than Jesus.

To give up the splendor of heaven and to become a mere human is an extensive sacrifice. I went to see the movie, The Young Messiah, yesterday and I realized that Jesus had a target on his heart from the moment he was born. The creator of life was a threat to humans, who are so bent on death.

Mary and Joseph had to move to protect his life from the time he was born. Everywhere he went he was noticed. How could someone not notice a man who could heal? It is said that as a child Jesus was found sitting on the side of a river and taking mud which he formed into birds which flew away. Even as a child he was able to take life away or give life back to his playmates.

It is troublesome to me that a man who gave so much life was crucified. Because of the insecurity of humans the only Son of God was nailed to a cross. It is heart wrenching that we as humans are so much in the grasp of the devil that every one of us is in some way scared of life.

It is breathtaking to realize that the greatest battle ever won, was won by the loving Saviour, Jesus Christ, who gave up everything He had so that we may have what He was willing to lose – His very life.

On this day when we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ may we all give glory to the most high God for His Son and the gift of eternal life.


i am closing a period of my life when I have worked for a good company. I am hoping that I am leaving a good company to start working for a wonderful company. As I was thinking about my choice to switch companies I realized that I prefer stress. (I know, I am totally weird). The good company was wonderful in many ways and challenged me to a point but I seek a different kind of challenge now.

The reason why I like stress is because it forces me to stretch myself. In addition to stretching myself stress causes me to seek Jesus as a partner in my ventures. When I am stressed out as I look at my schedule I ask him to help set my priorities. He is amazing. I can have a day which looks totally crazy and as I view my schedule I mutter to myself “there is no way that one person can do all of this.” I go to God in prayer and pretty soon I get going and he rearranges my schedule to make it a most wonderful adventure. I sometimes thinks he forces me to take a lunch when I have invited him along because most days I don’t do that but when Jesus is with me I almost always do.

I can’t say that I always like working as hard as I have to but I will say that when I ask Jesus to come along he makes it wonderful.

Today I heard a sermon which related to this. My wonderful church is technologically advanced and they stream their sermons on the internet. I have gotten into the habit of preferring to watch Church from the comfort of my home. I feel guilty sometimes because I can not engage in the praise and worship. Today I was thankful that I had the solitude and peace of my home to listen to this sermon. I savored every word of truth. I am providing the link to you because I love you and I want you to understand how much God loves you also. Please watch this and be encouraged.


I have been working at the same company for close to a year now. I have received a good evaluation. I have done my documentation in a timely and correct manner and most of my patients are quite fond of me. I enjoy the people I work with and I adore my patients.

The problem that I have encountered time and time again is that I am not getting enough work. In home health you get paid per case if you are a contract worker; such as I am. It is not an hourly pay or salaried position, so if you don’t have a lot of cases you don’t make much money.

I have made good money at this company but not enough to attain my financial goals. I became frustrated with the situation and signed on with another company. I started working part time for the other company and still kept on with my primary company.It was a bit difficult to work for two companies but I didn’t want to leave my patients at the first company, so I continued to work for two.

I constantly prayed about this and wondered why God was not answering my prayers. With my free time I continued to work on the novel which God has inspired me to write. I also asked God what I was supposed to learn at this company.

My primary company has a QA nurse that is amazing. She is the most diligent and ruthless QA nurse I have ever encountered and I appreciate her more than words can say. She has taught me how to document better than any nursing professor and as a result of her diligence I have become better at documentation.

I have learned that I must go where God leads. There is a time and place for me to work and my time with my primary company has now come to an end. I gave them an opportunity to hire me full time and wrote up a wage agreement for them. I gave the wage agreement to both companies and the second one agreed to pay me the wage. So I have decided to go with the company who is successful enough to help me achieve my financial goals.

The other aspect about the second company that I like is that the owner is a business woman. She understands how to run a business and informs her nurses how to frame an admit for better reimbursement. That makes such a difference in the scheme of things because if nurses do not understand the profit angle of a business the business will fail. The other thing I like about this owner is that she is open to my feedback in fact she has requested that I come in and talk with her on a frequent basis.

This is something which has been a very hard decision for me to make. I would appreciate if those of you who feel led to pray for me intercede for me in prayer regarding this.


I am currently engaged in a Bible Study in Revelations. It is a difficult book of the Bible to understand. There will be hell to pay for various sins but the greatest hell will be reserved for those who have persecuted and slaughtered those who profess their belief in Christ.

It has troubled me that God, who I have always seen as a loving Father, could torment those who don’t believe in Christ. My greatest spiritual gifting is in the arena of mercy and so forgiveness is not unattainable for my thought process. I find evil and wickedness much harder to entertain in my thoughts than forgiveness.

The horrors that those who kill Christians will have to face are eternal, for God’s mercy will come to an end and then His wrath will begin.

I was searching for understanding of His character. How can He be so loving as to give His only Son to die for my sins yet so vicious as to say that the blood of those who have murdered Christians will run as high as a horse’s bridle?

Then I happened to read an account from the Voice of the Martyrs recent magazine. The article recounted some of the struggles that Syrian Christians are enduring. The man who wrote the article had had a grandfather who was decapitated by ISIS and the extremists then kicked his head around as if it was a soccer ball. The article said that they would also put little babies in ovens and bake them. This is mild in relation to what I have heard they have done to Christians in Sudan.

How anyone can act with that much evil in their hearts is beyond my comprehension. I do understand why God would commit each and every extremist who does this to one of His children to burn in a lake of fire for eternity.

It is so important that every Christian intercede in prayer for those who are persecuted and equally as important that we pray for Muslims. I have heard that God himself has appeared to many Muslims to lead them to Christ. We should do the same. It is His will that none perish.