There are many responses to sin that we commit in our lives. Like Adam and Eve many of us want to blame others for the sin which runs rampant through our souls. Some of us are experts at denying we ever sinned. If we take these two paths we remain dead in our sins. For we are living a lie if we do not take responsibility for our sins.  Their is no light in the darkness of deceit no matter how much we think the lie will comfort us.

Recently I was talking with one of my children about the break up of the marriage between his father and I. Through many years I had lived a lie, blaming all of it on my ex-husband. He took the blame and said nothing for many years. Finally I confessed what I had done wrong in the marriage. I asked forgiveness from my ex-husband and my children. I had hurt all of them much more than I had ever intended to. I took responsibility and also confessed it before God, pleading for forgiveness.

Although my ex-husband and I were not a good match, that gave me no reason to defy God’s word in that relationship. When you sin and pretend as if God’s Word is not truth, the end result is pain for yourself and others. Many times sin hurts those we love the deepest.

Yet there is so much healing when confession takes place. Once I confessed my sins to those whom I had sinned against, God started working to mend the relationships. He has brought me closer to my children than I have ever been and developed a deep love between us. I have not mended the relationship with my ex because his wife has forbid me to ever talk with him again. I pray for them though and I hope that God will bring them both to a point where they are honest about the sins which they have committed.

I believe this confession has drawn me closer to God. Acknowledging that I can do nothing without Him guiding me in the paths of righteousness had brought a peace to my soul. I think that many times Christians think that Christ’s sacrifice is a cart blanche for sins. It isn’t.  We must confess our sins and repent before God and truly seek His path of righteousness to be in right standing.


I have recently joined a dating site again. Not because I am desperate but because I have not found exactly what I want yet. It never hurts to keep searching if you are not married. So recently I had an experience that I wanted to share with you. It was when I met a con.

The con- I saw his picture and he was very handsome. He lived in Dallas according to his profile. Dallas is not too terribly far away from where I live and he said that distance was not a problem for him. So we started texting. I could tell by his sentence structure that he had not grown up in America so I was on guard right away. It is not that I am prejudice against foreigners. I would have no problem dating someone from a different country but the majority of cons come from Africa and I can spot them a mile off cause they don’t have a clue how to write correctly.

He took his profile down right away when he started texting me and told me to hide mine. We hadn’t even met yet. I thought that was a bit unusual but I hid mine for a few days then put it back up, then hid it again. It was a ping pong game for awhile with my profile.

He called me his wife within the first week. Really?!!! Yes, I had not met this guy and he was already deluded into thinking he could accomplish what greater men had failed at? Wow! That is some kind of arrogance, either that or stupidity. He asked if he could call his wife. I told him I thought we should meet first and that I really wasn’t his girlfriend until that event had happened.

I thought of him as more of a friend. Which is how I think of most of the guys I meet in social situations. He was interesting and I enjoyed texting him off and on. I would text him while I was working in the evening at my home and I found it to be quite fun. Until a couple of nights ago when he crossed the line. He asked me for a picture of my naked body. Seriously… I know it is hilarious right? Like I am going to send a man whom I have never met, a picture of my body sans clothing. Are you kidding me?

Pretty soon he had to fly off to the Philippines to settle some matters regarding some investment properties. My guard was going higher. Cons never stay within driving distance of you. They are always in a foreign country. That way you can’t find them.

When he asked me for a sexy picture I really got offended. This is when my God got involved, because of the respect and honor I hold God in, I was not going to do that. I know a lot of people on the internet have no morals but I do and sending sexy pictures without clothing is not something I am going to do… ever.

So I told him,”No, I was not going to do that because I was a Christian.” He asked me if that meant that I did not trust him with my body. Well, shoot, no, I didn’t trust him with my body, I hadn’t even met him yet. A bit presumptuous to be talking about trust. I have a testimony and my testimony dictates how I behave and showing my naked body to a stranger is without a doubt on the no-no list.

Then today the bomb dropped. Apparently he had gotten all of his information stolen in the hotel and many people had been killed. He needed me to send him some money so that he could get his passport and come back home. I had two problems with that story. First off I had been honest with him from the start when I suspected he was a con that I did not have any money. Second I am no one’s savior. If he is in a mess it is his responsibility to get out of it,, not mine. I am not his wife, his friend or his relative so I hold no ties to him.

I had a few choice words that I texted him back and once he knew there was no money coming, the replies stopped. I am so thankful that I have a God who has given me a Bible so that scoundrels such as this can not view the beauty that God has created in my body.

I hope that any single parent out there who is on the internet for dating purposes will read this and learn some of the characteristics of cons:
#1. Their  grammar is like that of a 5 year old.

#2. For some unexpected reason they have to be in a different country. Africa is usually the country they choose and they commonly are in the oil and gas industry.

#3. Most of them have suffered the loss of a spouse and for that having happened; they don’t really mourn the spouse.

#4. Many of them have just one child that they want you to help parent.

#5. They have befallen some tragedy and it is your responsibility to help them finance their way out of it.

#6. They can never seem to meet you face to face. Nor do they provide an address or full legal name.

#7. Do not send anyone pictures of your naked body. You have no idea what they could be dong with that and if you are a Christian it could hurt your testimony. Believe me God is aware how beautiful your body is and He will send the right person into your life to honor it and you.

DON’T FALL FOR IT! There are many wonderful people out there to date. No need to waste money or time on the catfish.


I recently received a bill from the IRS. They said I had shorted them over $2,000.00 in 2014. They didn’t say exactly what I had done to short them they just sent me a bill. Well, I don’t have that kind of money laying around and if I did they are the very last on my list to give it to so I called them and inquired.

I was told the first person’s name and then they said a bunch of numbers. She could not help me so she sent me on to another person who was a man this time who told me his name and then a bunch of numbers. He didn’t tell me anything either so I asked to speak to a supervisor. They said there wasn’t one available and the supervisor would call me back in 48 hours. It has been over 48 hours now and I got no call back

This concerns me greatly. Are there no supervisors that work with the IRS or are the supervisors so dense that they don’t know that 48 hours constitutes two days? Furthermore they charged me interest and hadn’t even given me a chance to pay it, if I so decided to pay it. I explained to them that most business give what is called a grace period to pay off a balance. I got the bill on the 11th of January and the notice date was on the 18th of January, the due date was the 8th of February and it included $43.92 of interest. So they charge interest on a bill before the due date? Wow! That is some kind of business.

I sent it to my lawyer. I will call them again tomorrow and if I don’t get an answer I will contact my senator.

It is interesting that when the Republicans wasted their time putting through a worthless bill to repeal Obamacare because they knew it would be vetoed, the President responded with a very nice quote that they should be spending their time trying to make this country a better place for the middle class. Obama has been in office for close to eight years and if anything I feel more suffocated financially by Obamacare  than anything the Republicans have done lately. So Mr. Obama, Sir, with great respect, I would ask you to take your own advice.

It would have been nice if you had not lived like a millionaire when you and your family was in office. Somehow seeing you and your wife go on so many lavish vacations tends to rile those of us that work for a living.



I had mentioned in a previous blog,, that one of the companies I work for had failed to pay me recently. This happened to be on the week before Christmas. I had made every effort to avoid any confusion with them regarding my reimbursement. I had even typed up a formal wage agreement which I had the higher ups sign.

It is amusing to me that in my business the higher ups can be so demanding as far as documentation goes but when it comes to reimbursement they can many times act like total buffoons. That is why I always make sure I have my reimbursement guidelines written down and signed.

Well, I had not gotten my paycheck and it was the next week after Christmas. I had been emailing back and forth to the human resources and finally I had to cut to the chase. I told the scheduler that I would no longer do any admits for them until I received my paycheck. I texted her with no angst involved, just stated it matter of factly that I work to pay my bills and can not afford to volunteer my time.

Pretty soon I got my paycheck. I usually have my check direct deposited from this company but this check was a check they sent to my home. I figured since they had sent me a paper check I would audit it to ensure that my wage agreement had been honored. Well, you guessed it, they hadn’t honored my wage agreement. They were paying me 20$ less than what I had agreed to receive on an admit. So I sent off another email to the person that was in charge of payroll, apparently he had either not received my wage agreement or he was a total buffoon. He may have been both.

During this whole trial I made sure to maintain my composure. Not slandering or getting angry. I had another company which paid me well and this second company was just to supplement that job so it was not a life or death matter. Soon after this I went to the company to drop off some information and I was welcomed by the staff as if I was an old friend who had just dropped by. I didn’t mention the situation to my bosses but they mentioned it to me and said they had gotten it straightened out.

I hope they do. In this business some companies tend to steal from their employees every chance they get and I didn’t think that this company had that reputation. Nonetheless, I will not be referring them to any of my nurse friends. I had intended to do that initially but since this has happened I will not do so until I am assured they have their head straight.  I will now ask for a rendering for every paycheck, direct deposit many times does not allow that.

As I have reflected on this troublesome situation I have continually given praise to God. First off, He did not allow me to quit my original company when signing on with this new one. He worked through my compassion to keep me at a company that pays fairly and timely. Second off, if they had never failed to send me the check, I would have not gotten a paper check. I would have trusted them and been slighted quite an amount of money over time. The fact that I got a paper check was the reason why I decided to do an audit on my reimbursement. Third and most important I had the presence of the Holy Spirit when I addressed this issue and refused to give myself over to anger or indignation. I think in the long run I may have gained more than just a paycheck through this experience.


Anyone who has ever dated via an internet dating website is aware that it is crucial to post appropriate pictures on your profile. I have learned not to post a picture which reveals cleavage or my legs, for those kind of pictures attract dogs, not gentlemen.  So I decided to post a picture this time using one that I had taken of my family. It is recent and was taken at my parents house over Thanksgiving. I made very sure to expressly point out which one I was in the picture, so the prospective suitors would not confuse me with my daughter.

Well I had one man give me his phone number. So I called him the other night and left a message. He called back soon after but at that time I was getting ready to take my daughter and my niece out for dinner so the conversation was short. He messaged me that he hoped I would call him back again.

I did last night on my way home from work. He said I was so beautiful. I looked like I was twenty years old. He said I had a “girl next door” kind of beauty and I was a keeper. I blushed and told him thank you and no, I was not twenty but fifty three years old. He said he was tired of the girls on the site who had blonde hair and big boobs. (Alright, I was beginning to get a little weirded at this time because I do have blonde hair and although I am not a Dolly Parton in the cleavage department I am definitely not flat chested.)

Then he asked who was the blonde in the picture. I told him that was me. The girl he had apparently become so fond of was my twenty three year old daughter. He had the nerve to ask about her I told her she was only twenty three years old and almost married. (To someone with a lot more class than he could ever hope to have.)

I busted out in giggles when I thought about the conversation and I laughed even harder when I told my daughter about it. She asked if I was going to call him again. “Uh, NO, I don’t think so,” I replied. In fact today I intend to delete him from my contacts and block him on the dating website. Then I intend to switch my pictures sometime in the near future so that my daughter is not exposed to men who can not even read the caption on pictures.