It is interesting in Proverbs 15:4 that it says, “the tongue that brings healing is a tree of life, and a deceitful tongue crushes the spirit.” It doesn’t say words but it says tongue and it says that our tongue has an effect on others.

I have been meditating on this scripture for several days now and I have read this verse in several different translations. In the New King James version it reads,”A wholesome tongue is a tree of life, but perverseness in it breaks the spirit.”

It reminds me of another scripture which I have memorized. “Let no unwholesome word proceed out of your mouth but such as is necessary for building others up that it may benefit those who need it.”

As I was meditating on these scriptures I became aware that it was most likely referring to more than just outright lying. It may have indicated manipulation. We all manipulate others to get what we want. I have a very good friend who is trying to stop manipulating others and I hold him accountable when he pulls that on me.

Sometimes honesty hurts and I don’t like hurting others so I will tell little white lies so that others don’t get hurt but in the long run I usually just hurt them more.

Jesus was honest with his words and He wasn’t always nice. He was very aggressive with the Pharisees but he was honest. There was no deceit in His words. There have been times when I have heard counsel from the Holy Spirit that was brutally honest but I had asked for honesty, so I was thankful for it. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the light so to manipulate or deceive others would not be within His character.

I think we all have layers of deceit that cover our hearts and once we stop lying to ourselves we may be strong enough to be honest with others. I believe if we draw close to God and ask Him to give us His words to say to others we may be able to confront with honesty.


There is a misconception about how to discipline children in Christian homes. Some Christians have taken this to an extreme and think that physical abuse is an approved form of discipline.

First of all let me clarify something.The well known saying: “Spare the rod and spoil the child” is not a Bible verse. In Proverbs 13:24 something similar is recorded,”Those who spare the rod, hate their children, but the one who loves their child disciplines them diligently.”

So okay it says to use a rod right? Well are we talking a steel rod, a whip, a yardstick for spanking? What exactly does a rod refer to? Is it the same rod which is referred to in Psalms 23? The Psalmist rod is referred to as a comfort. I have a hard time seeing a beating as a comfort.

The rod was actually a Shepherd’s rod. It was used to guide sheep and never to poke or prod. The shepherd would guide the sheep using the length of the shaft according to research I found on the home church network. A wonderful article going into more detail about this can be found at:
The characteristics of a rod was gentle guidance, not brute abuse. One of the best ways to guide a child in the way they should go is to walk the path yourself. Children are brilliant they notice every move you make. If you want them to walk a certain path make sure your footprints are deep enough that they sink into that path.


I mentioned yesterday about my words with friends fascination. It is a really cool way to get to know your neighbors because the game actually matches you with people close by. Apparently there are some very smart people that live close to me because I am having a difficult time winning in some of the games.

The other nice thing about this game is that you can start a conversation. I have discovered one very unusual and amazing fact about men that play words with friends. They actually like to chat! I mean, really, they like chatting more than me and I didn’t think I was ever gonna find someone like that.

Well one of my neighbor friends has become quite the chatty fella and we have jostled back and forth over games and today he called me his nemesis. I had no idea what that word meant. This guy is Hispanic and English is his second language. He pulls a word out on me that I don’t even have a slight clue as to what the definition is? Boy did I feel stupid. I immediately Googled nemesis.

The definition of the word is: the inescapable agent of someone or something’s downfall.

That sent my brain into a whirlwind. This guy is not someone I normally stomp on in the game. I have pulled a win on him a few times but it is usually in the last move and it surprises me as much as it does him. He is brilliant and that is probably a gross understatement. So if anyone was anyone’s nemesis, it was him being mine, not me being his.

So I asked him if he knew the definition, then I texted it to him. He asked if there was another definition. Ah, No! There is not another definition for nemesis.

So I was thinking more about this and I realized that he may have been projecting his own aggressiveness on me. Then of course I thought more and I realized how much we all do that. We project onto others what we don’t want to see in ourselves. That may be why Jesus said for us to take the log out of our own eye before we take the splinter from someone else’s.

Either that or the guy was just using a big word that he didn’t even know the meaning of but considering that he is Hispanic I think that is pretty awesome just in its own right. I only know a few Spanish words and I certainly wouldn’t be brave enough to use one in chatting that was as complex as nemesis.

Now that I know the definition of nemesis and he has said that I am his nemesis, I have every intention of trying my hardest to win in games with him so I live up to my reputation. I doubt that I will be very successful though because in truth he is my nemesis in Words with Friends.


I know there are many bloggers who display their statistics. I have chosen not to do that for several reasons. First off if there are other bloggers struggling to get traffic they may be discouraged when they see stats which display a well trafficked blog.

Second, because my blog has miraculously gotten a good amount of traffic it may be misconstrued as bragging. I am well aware that there are bloggers out there who are truly gifted in writing. I don’t consider myself among that select group so why would I brag?

Third, statistics are merely numbers. It means nothing to me if I have a million subscribers but my writing has touched no hearts. I have written my blog to try to touch the heart of man with God’s love and in the process have sifted through a great amount of bitterness in my own heart, becoming more compassionate and forgiving in the process.

Saying all of this I have made the commitment to notify my readers of my stats every now and then when I cross a milestone. This is mainly done to celebrate you, not me, for if you did not read my writings I would not have a reason to blog.

Some time in March I crossed the line of having over 2 million hits since inception of this blog; which was in October of 2013. You, my readers, have walked with me through valleys of depression and darkness. You have celebrated triumphs and victories with me and 9,600 of you have been kind enough to subscribe to my blog.

The kindest and most heart warming aspect of this blog for me is that when I humbly ask for prayer I know you take my petition to our heavenly Father. As I am writing this blog I am also toiling away on a novel and I hope and pray that you will find that enlightening and worthy of your time also.

Although 2 million hits is quite a lot, I realize that it is not I who has caused this to happen. It is you. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading my blog and I extend my hand of friendship and love to each of you. I hope and pray that the heavenly Father extends His love and protection to you and your family.


Recently I have encountered a situation which has disturbed me. Someone lied about my character at my job. For a moment I didn’t really care to put anything into my job anymore. Why should I if I was going to be lied about anyway?

That was just for a moment though because I know that the Bible says that we should work as if we are working for God.

It got me to thinking though. Why was I working for a company which had lied several times to me and about me? Furthermore how should I respond to the lie?

Because of my career choice and my reputation in the business I work in, I get job offers every week. So to work for a company which is dishonest is not a necessity. However. I am very fond of some of my patients. it would be disruptive for them if I did not continue working for this company. to quit without proper notice would not benefit my patients nor the company and I still have great affection for both entities.

I have been praying about this situation and asking God how to handle it. I have also called some friends to evaluate whether or not there was any truth intermingled in this lie. They emphatically told me not to believe a word of it.

I have reflected on what Jesus went through as soon as He started his ministry. He was lied about and attacked many times by the religious elite. I have come to the realization that when you are doing the right thing many times people who are doing the wrong thing will lie about you.

The other thing that happened, which was amazing, is that I received a call from a former boss who offered me a job right before I became aware of the lie. I did follow through on applying for this job and if I get an offer I may consider leaving my present company in due time.

How do I respond to the lie itself? Do I attack the person who perpetuated the lie? I think to do that would be to fuel the fire of the devil. People who lie like nothing more than to be attacked, that way they can just spread more lies. It is characteristic for people such as this to feed off of drama and anger.

I think I will respond the way Jesus did when He was lied about. He was silent and continued to be steadfast in following God’s will. You may say that He fought back when He was attacked by the Pharisees and He did fight back. He actually called them vultures during one instance but that is not the lie I am referring to.

I am referring to the lie that He endured during his crucifixion. He was called the “King of the Jews” which was a lie because Jesus is actually the King of the World.


I play Words with Friends to give me a bit of a challenge each day. It is a harmless past time and I try not to play it too much. Recently I noticed that one of my competitors had changed her picture from her face to that of a little boy who appeared to be missing. I asked her to tell me the story behind the change and she said a child was missing. She also gave me a facebook address to check out the story about the child.

The child’s name was Noah Thomas and he was an adorable five year old boy who lived in Virginia. He had slipped out of his home while his mother was taking a nap on Sunday morning. She had thought that he would stay inside and continue to watch cartoons. Apparently he didn’t do as she expected. I immediately started praying for the little tyke when I read his story. The prayers started a couple of days after he had been missing.

It took until this afternoon to discover that he had fallen into a septic tank and died. What a horrible nightmare that must be to lose a young child. What an even greater nightmare to think you may have done something different and that child may still be alive.

Am I implying that it was the mother’s responsibility to stay awake at all times while her child was awake? No, I am suggesting that those people who have septic tanks secure them, so that little ones do not fall to their death in them. This is not the first child who has died this way but it can be the last.

I am sure that Noah’s parents never envisioned this happening or they would have made sure that their septic tank was secured. Please keep this dear family in your prayers.


Recently I have been a bit distressed. My job has taken a dive, my health has been anything but healthy and now my son’s car is not working right. My son’s car is old, like 25 years old, it has been an amazing car to say the least but every car has its limits. My son lives in Louisiana and I live in Texas so it is not like I can drive him to college or to work.

My son is such a wonderful kid. I just went to see him this weekend to take him his car manual along with a box food and snacks. I took a girlfriend of mine along with me because she was sweet enough to be concerned that I didn’t have to make the drive alone. We all had a wonderful time together.

During our visit I talked with him about his car. I am still trying to pay off a debt to the attorney general for child support that I got behind on for the few years he stayed with his dad, so my money is limited. When I think of all of the things I need to take care of financially I realize that a car payment for my son would not fit into my budget.

It is frustrating to me that his dad does not help out more but I don’t know his dad’s financial situation, nor do I care to know it. In the past I have gotten very angry at his dad because of the way he spends his money. I am trying hard not to go down that path this time.

It is tempting to lash out at an ex but is that what God would want me to do? I don’t think so. I think that God wants me to pray about this situation and ask Him to provide a working car for my son, then have faith that He will provide it.

Since you all are so lovely and I know that you are prayer warriors I ask that you keep both my son and I in your prayers. My son needs a car which can actually drive, (25 year old cars commonly don’t do that), I have several health issues which may require surgery and I also have financial needs regarding my car and home.

I know that God can provide all things but sometimes it takes the help of a generous person so I ask that you pray that God will lay it on someone’s heart to gift my sweet son a car that actually drives. Thanks!


Alright those of you who have been following me for any length of time know that I think outside of the box. Any time there is something wrong with my body, I tear apart the disease to the microscopic level and find the cause of the disease, then I eliminate it. Usually I do this by analyzing what environment kills the offending microbe and then try to simulate that environment in my body.

A few weeks ago I was teaching one of my patients the signs of hyperglycemia and I came up with a new idea for Diabetes. What if Diabetes develops because we are not drinking enough water?

Stay with me here for a minute. (I know I am going off of the deep end)

One of the signs of Diabetes is becoming thirsty and urinating more than usual. It seems to me the body is in survival mode at that time. The reason why you are thirsty is because your pancreas can no longer metabolize the sugar in your bloodstream. So what does the body do? It tries to dilute the sugar and flush it out.

I wonder what would happen if someone drank an eight ounce glass of water every time they had a dessert? That would dilute the sugar from the dessert and that way the pancreas would not be stressed out with having to release so much insulin.

Do Americans normally do that? I know I don’t. I drink a glass or two of water during my meal and sip on water all throughout the day but if I eat a bit of sweets at the end of my meal I do not chase it with an 8 oz glass of water. Most people don’t. Desserts are commonly accompanied by coffee, which is horrible for dilution of sugar!

So I ran this theory by a friend of mine, who is a doctor and he said it may help but what would really help is if you had some water with electrolytes. (Those doctors, they are not happy unless they can insert a humongous medical term in the middle of every sentence. lol)

So I was a bit undone but then in the evening I went out with some friends for dinner and a play. On the way home they were talking about the water they drank. They said that Smart Water had electrolytes in it. I was so excited when I heard that and went out to buy some of that water right away.

I doubt that I will ever get Diabetes. Not so much because of this theory but because it doesn’t run in my family but I do think it is wise not to eat too much sugar without a large amount of water to dilute it. Treating your pancreas with tender loving care could never be a bad thing. I would love it if some doctor would do a long term study on this theory. Just saying…


This evening I heard the news. Angelina has gone under the surgical knife again. First she had her breasts removed, now it is her ovaries. The news anchor said she was courageous for doing this. Really? Because if I am not mistaken she did it because she was in fear that she would die young from cancer.

Apparently she has the gene which causes cancer in female organs. She has lost several female relatives to cancer at an early age. She already has quite a few children that she has given birth to, so who needs ovaries anyhow? Actually Angelina Jolie may.

This decision concerns me. One of the reasons is because she has made this a public event and I believe it would have been better suited if it was a private decision. Last time right after she had her breasts removed a beauty queen did the same thing. Who knows how many women went under the knife to prevent cancer?

Another reason why I am concerned is because it puts her into menopause before her body would naturally choose to go there. This brings up a whole lot of potential problems. It has been my observation that when you stop the body from skipping along the path that it would naturally take it rebels and abnormalities occur.

The main concern I have though is for Angelina. She is living in fear and making decisions based on fear. I have noticed that people who base their decisions on fear seldom make logical or wise decisions.

I would encourage women who are scared of getting cancer to be wise. Do not smoke, eat healthy diets and exercise. I would not encourage people to follow a celebrity who is clearly making decisions based on fear.


Last week I caught a stomach flu virus from one of my patients. There is nothing I hate more than having to vomit but vomit is what I did for a whole day. I finally called some friends and family for prayer in the evening. By late evening the flu was winding down and the 7-up my sweet daughter bought for me was actually staying down.

I also called my mother. She warned me not to overdo it the next day. I awoke the next day feeling better than I had in months. I felt like I had had a total body cleanse and did a full day of work and then some. My mother would have been horrified.

My main concern was drinking lots of water so I would not get dehydrated.

As I was thinking about this I realized that life itself often tries to make us sick. We have people who lie about us and slander us, we have others who think we are not doing enough for them, sometimes we have self defeating thoughts which wander around our brain like a carousel: never going anywhere that is productive. There are many traps which the devil may lay, which can ensnare us.

Recently I had a very disconcerting event happen at my job. I prayed about it and talked with some dear friends of mine. A slanderous lie had been told about me and it hurt my feelings that my company would believe this lie. Nonetheless, people will always lie about other people, it is how we as Christians respond to those lies that will matter.

I responded by talking to God about it and sharing the issue with several Christian friends. Then last night I went to battle and searched God’s word for a verse to comfort me. In the Bible I turned to Psalms 9:9-10. “The Lord also will be a refuge for the oppressed. A refuge in times of trouble. (10) And those who know Your name will put their trust in You; for You, Lord, have not forsaken those who seek You.”

I have made a decision to focus on God’s word and meditate on this scripture every time the devil brings this specific lie to my mind. In Ephesians 6:17 the word of God says for us to “take up the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God,” to do battle.

Feasting on the Word of God after having to puke up lies which have been meant to harm you is like drinking water from a natural spring to refresh and hydrate your Spirit.