I have mentioned in a previous post, my wonderful friend and neighbor, who is currently preparing to marry again. (You can find that post if you search for Sisters)We have been friends off and on since I moved into my house.

Throughout our friendship we have been candid and honest with each other. One of the difficulties that my friend has is that some of her friends become jealous of her.

I can understand why they would have that tendency. This lady is beautiful, full of energy and she lights up a room when she enters it. She is also very intelligent and successful and has such a sweet and compassionate spirit she exudes the love of God in her speech and demeanor.

When I found out that she was getting married again, I heard someone knocking at the door of my heart. It was jealousy saying, “Wow, she is getting married again? She hasn’t even been a single mom for that long. You have been a single mom for 17 long years and where is your mate? God must love her a lot more than He loves you. Just saying…”

I heard the knock but I didn’t open the door to jealousy. I knew that according to Proverbs 27:4 jealousy is a dangerous thing to let in your heart. I locked that door and turned away from those thoughts.

As I turned away from that door I walked straight to the door of joy and gratefulness. I threw it open and had a party with God, celebrating in the joy of a friend finding her soul mate.

I have basked in the presence of these two together and it is just pure fun. This man is an answer to many of my prayers for my friend, so what cause would I have to be jealous?

I was rejoicing with God again this morning as I prayed for God to make their honeymoon a cherished memory. I will be going to their wedding in a couple of weeks and just the thought of that event gives me joy.

If something wonderful happens to someone else and it is something you wished to have happen to you, lock the door to jealousy and spring open the door to joy. You will be amazed at how much better joy feels than the feelings of jealousy.


I did something today which I have only done one other time in my life. I was hypnotized. I did it to reprogram my mind and to eliminate a distraction which I felt was hindering my potential.

I had met the hypnotist, Dr Ed Lewellen, at a networking meeting. He seemed confident and assured of his potential to transform people through the avenue of hypnosis. I had a good friend who had used hypnosis to achieve the outcome I was searching for,so after spending some time in contemplation and prayer I called him.

For those of you who think that this is of the devil, hear me out please.

First of all, our mind is made up of different planes. There is the conscious plane which allows us to make decisions based on logic or analytical thinking. Then there is the subconscious part of our brain where some experts estimate that 90% of our behaviors originate.

Many times the conscious brain thinks it is making all of the decisions, when in actuality the subconscious has been feeding it information and forming impressions, from the moment of birth.

So where do stress and fear reside in the brain? If it was in the conscious brain we would all be sprinting around with Oozies because you either fight or flee when you react to fear.
If it resides in the subconscious how do you rid yourself of fear and anxiety?

Furthermore if you were raised in a negative and rejecting home how do you eliminate those memories and transform your thought process into one which is supportive of your dreams and goals?

It starts with identifying which obstacles are holding you back. I had that identified and told Dr Lewellen specifically what I thought was holding me back from achieving my goals. Then he went to work.

As I was under hypnosis I heard and was aware of every word spoken. Dr Lewellen took me through an exercise where I exhaled out all negative memories and inhaled peace and contentment. Then he reprogrammed my brain to feel that same peace when I put my right hand on my abdomen. That way when the obstacle that I was trying to overcome reared its ugly head, instead of being anxious, I would be calm. Gaining victory over the anxiety, through breathing in peace and exhaling stress.

Then he asked Jesus into the room and went through the process of salvation with me. Releasing all my sins, even of my subconscious, to be covered by the blood of Jesus. He spoke the fruits of the Holy Spirit into the depths of my brain so that the likeness of God could manifest in the dark crevices where pain and hurt had once reigned supreme.

I have only had one appointment so far but I have faith that the goals that I set for the appointment were achieved. I also know that Dr Lewellen had greater success than the previous hypnotist because he asked Jesus to be present.

I do believe that the subconscious mind may be the foremost battle ground for spiritual entities. I would recommend to anyone who wants to undergo hypnosis to choose someone who speaks truth into the subconscious. Dr Lewellen is not only a hypnotist but also a minister, so his works incorporates the truth of God into a deep form of meditation.

Please take some time today and check out his website @

If you are dealing with an addiction, overeating, PTSD, clinical depression or some other stronghold give him a call at 972-900-9207.


I knew that today was going to be very busy. I had 5 patients to see and one admit.

Admits in my field can take between 2-5 hours and visits usually take about an hour or two. Then there is the driving between the visits.

I prayed about it over the weekend, dreading the arrival of Monday.

Last night when I was calling to schedule my appointments I found out that one of my patients had fallen and had been transferred to a rehab, another of my patient’s had a doctor’s appointment.

I could not see either of those patients because I am not allowed to duplicate services in my field.

I had more than enough time to see the three remaining patients and also to do my admit. In Proverbs 16:3 the Bible says, “Commit to the Lord whatever you do,and he will establish your plans.”

I committed my day to God over the weekend through prayer and He established a very wonderful, yet productive day for me.


I recently became aware of how judgmental I have been regarding a family member of one of my patient’s. This was a husband of a dear sweet lady. I had become judgmental because she was bed bound and he was unable to help change her.

I had no idea that he had health problems of his own. He never complained. Although he did not help change her, he did everything else within his power to take care of her.

Recently he came into her bedroom and looked worn out. I asked him what was wrong. He said his left knee hurt. I looked down and noticed his knee was quite swollen. I know exactly how much those pesky knees can hurt because I had to stop working for a spell because mine had hurt so much.

After I had become incensed at his lack of helpfulness I had prayed extensively for him and his wife. The Lord revealed to me how much he did for her and then when he told me about his knee pain I totally understood why he did not change her. The poor fellow could barely walk and to change her may have been too much for his tired body.

Although at first he was silent about his knee pain, I am so relieved that he told me about it because it opened up a greater chasm of compassion for him.

Within my role as a home health nurse it is common for caretakers to be ignored. It is not just or right to do so though. I have learned through this case to look beyond the patient which I am hired to take care of and to give compassion to those which are serving in silence, for they may be suffering also.


Sometimes I think I have God all figured out and I know without a doubt what He wants me to do. Then I have a change of heart and I realize what I thought He wanted me to do, is not half as grand as what He had planned.

This past year has been full of transitions for me. I started the year with great excitement about sharing my walk of faith through this blog. I was hoping I would finish rewriting my novel and launch that into publication also.

I developed a discipline for blogging and became addicted to blogging every day. I did not develop the same discipline for my novel writing but I am trying to get to that now.

As spring evolved into summer I saw that the income from my affiliate marketing on my blog would not pay my bills. At first I became very depressed and angry at God because I knew that my calling in life was to be a Christian writer. So why was He not blessing it financially?

There could be several reasons. I think the primary reason is because He wants me to finish that novel. If the blog makes a lot of money, the novel may be shelved for a very long time.

There may also be another reason. I walked away from a successful nursing career because I was burned out. I dreaded going back into it,but this summer, it became apparent that that was my only option for an income.

I went back to nursing on July 1. I still can’t pay many of my bills because it takes a while to build up my client base but it sure does help.

Then there is the other aspect. My interaction with people was limited when I was writing

Last night I was invited to a patient’s birthday party. I bought her a beautiful necklace and earrings for her present. She was overjoyed with the present. I on the other, hand was thrilled to be invited to her birthday dinner. It was such a lovely occasion and such a good memory for both of us. She was 87 years old today and I have grown to love her, as I have had the pleasure of serving her.

I think back to the days when I thought staying at home and being a writer was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. When I compare that to the joy that I felt last night when I shared in the celebration of this dear ladies’ birthday I realize I have had a change of heart. I am filled with gratitude to God for forcing me to nurse once again.


You know how some days seem to have a mind of their own and Murphy’s law is given the credit? Whatever can go wrong will go wrong.

Today was a day like that for me. I had a jury duty summons for this morning and woke up extra early to be able to get to court on time.

I was hoping that I would be able to work in the afternoon. A fellow coworker had had a death in the family and I had been asked to see her patients. Both of them were ones which could be seen in the afternoon.

As I was entering the freeway I noticed my dashboard display was indicating I had a problem with tire pressure. I debated the folly of ignoring it but then I realized I was pretty close to Discount Tire. If I exited the freeway at the next exit I could reach the store in short order.

I got to Discount Tire at 7:55 am. I told them when they opened that I was supposed to be at jury duty at 8:30 am. They said they could take care of me in 10-15 minutes. It took 30 minutes but I was hoping I would still be allowed to fulfill my jury duty.

I parked in the parking lot where the shuttle is supposed to pick up jurors and I saw no shuttle. So I started walking, only to see a bridge ahead with no sidewalk. I looked closer though and saw a sidewalk which led up to the start of the bridge and noted that I could walk under the bridge through some grass. Then I saw some stairs which could take me back up to the street level.

I finally entered the city limits of Fort Worth and after a bit of wandering, found the court building. I got to the jury summons room only to find out I was too late. I would have to come back in October.

I asked the lady where to find the shuttle because I had a horrible sinus headache and didn’t want to walk back to my car. She told me and I hopped on the shuttle to return to my car. Then I called work and told them that I could take those two visits this afternoon.

Throughout this whole morning I didn’t cuss, or get angry. I knew that God was rearranging my schedule and I was just along for the ride.

Instead of getting angry I was thankful. Thankful that I noticed I had a flat tire so close to Discount Tire. Thankful that it happened when I was going to jury duty and not something more important like work. I thanked God that I had chosen comfortable shoes to walk in, because I had no idea early in the morning that I had a long walk ahead. I was thankful that I could fill in for another nurse when she needed to take off of work.

Life is not always what we expect but it is always what we make of it.


As I have been reading through the Old Testament, it has been impressed upon me how much I have sinned in one area. It is in relation to the Sabbath and resting which has been my downfall.

I seldom take a whole day just to rest. There are so many things which need to be done.

Yesterday was different, I made a conscious effort to honor God on the Sabbath.

I watched church with my son on the internet, I heated up leftovers for lunch, I took an extended nap, and I went for a wonderful swim in the evening.

I also encouraged two Christian friends in their walk with God.

As I woke up from my nap, I had to fight off guilt for having slept so long. I reminded myself that God was honored through rest on this day, not work.

I don’t understand why the Sabbath is so important to God but I can say that yesterday was a very lovely day.

It is amazing to me that God does not meet us in our busyness as much as He chooses to meet us in our rest and when we are at peace.

If you feel overwhelmed and stressed out, why not decide to honor God through making the Sabbath day holy?


I have written before about the dog which I found on my street. I found her the Thursday before Father’s Day when the skies were brewing with storm clouds.

God has given me a tender spot in my heart for children, animals and the elderly. If He puts something in my pathway He knows I will take care of it, even if I think I have no need for it.

The last thing I needed was a dog to take care of but I put her in my backyard. My neighbors were kind enough to feed her while I was visiting my Father on the holiday.

I tried hard to find out who she belonged to. I had my HOA post a picture of her on their Facebook page. My boyfriend got me in touch with a rescue organization to see if someone had reported her as being lost. I went to local vets to report her as being found.

I suspected she was deaf because she did not respond at all to sound. I also suspected she had been abused because she flinched every time I tried to pet her. She was not house trained, so I only let her inside for small amounts of time. I kept a good watch on her while she was in my house.

At first I really was trying to find her owners. I would have given them a good talking to if they ever showed up because there is never any reason to abuse a child, an animal or the elderly. I liked her and didn’t mind her being in my backyard but I didn’t feel like I was her owner, merely just a foster parent, until she could go back home.

Each morning when I let her inside to eat she is so excited to see me. She literally jumps with joy. She was overjoyed when I came home from my trip to New York City. She makes me giggle every time I see her excitement.

As I have lavished her with love and acceptance the flinching has stopped. She still does not respond to me when I take her out front and she wanders away, so I have kept her in the backyard.

She does bark a bit more than I care for. Last night she was barking so much I let her inside for the night. Storms were predicted to pass over my area and she does not go into the dog house I have outside, so I invited her in for the night.

This morning as I got up, and tiptoed around her so as not to wake her up, I looked at her sleek frame. She was sprawled out on my bedroom floor and looked so lovely and peaceful. I was so thankful that I took her in and protected her from the storm and I realized that she is no longer a stray dog. She has found her home and it is the one which I am blessed enough to share with her.


In Exodus the construction of the Tabernacle is explicit in detail. From the construction of the actual sanctuary, to the robes that the priests were supposed to wear, every millimeter is planned by God.

Moses was the one taking the instructions, as he was the only one allowed to be in the presence of God.

Meanwhile those silly Israelites were getting impatient. They wanted a God which they could see and feel. So they asked Aaron the high priest to make them one.

Furthermore they not only asked Aaron to make a false idol for them but they gave him all of their gold, their very finest metal, to make the golden calf.

Do not be deceived, they devil will take your finest and make it an idol which will distract you from God.

When reading this story it literally broke my heart. God must have been so excited to get together with Moses. This was His house and it was a way that he was planning to come down and be among His people.

Yet when He saw what they had done he became furious and wanted to “consume them.” Moses pled for mercy from God but he did not let the sin go unpunished. He had the Levites cull the flock and rid it of the people who had sinned against God in this horrible way.

After this Moses merely used a tent for his tabernacle. What a shame. The Israelites could have had a beautiful tabernacle to worship in. They chose to sin, and as a result, Moses had to worship from a tent.

Do not be led astray. God wants the very best for you. The devil will deceive you into thinking that the sinful path will bring you your desires in life. That is a lie. In the New Testament there is a verse which says, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all His righteousness, and then all of these things shall be added unto you.”

I guess it depends on what you want in life. Do you want to have a tabernacle gilded in gold or a tent?


It is human nature to want to take revenge on someone who has done you wrong. There are a lot of evil, wicked and greedy people in the world who will stop at nothing to get more things, more money or greater prestige.

Revenge is a sly devil, for if you want to take revenge, then the person who has done you wrong still has power over you. They control your thoughts and your soul and you live for the day when you can make them grovel and beg for mercy.

You may put on a good front and act like you are happy but if you are honest with yourself, you are a miserable and angry person. You are caught in the suffocating grasp of hate. You can’t let go of the hurt until you hurt back.

As you plan your act of revenge you may consider acts of violence, malicious slander, and harassment.

As you plan your counterattack you become so consumed with it you fail to realize one thing…

You have become more wicked than the person who harmed you.