Lessons from Exodus

I have been reading through Exodus lately. It is amazing to me that even though I have been a Christian most of my life every time I read the Bible I find something new.

I didn’t realize that when Moses first went to Pharaoh to ask for the Israelites to be set free he was only asking for a three day festival to begin with. (Exodus 5:3)

Pharaoh was a slave driver and he didn’t think that the Israelites should be distracted from their work.

Working hard is good if you do it for six days but if you do it for seven it is a sin. God has designed us to relax on the seventh day.

He also was pretty particular about the Israelites having fun at their festivals. In fact Moses said that if the Israelites did not go into the wilderness for their three day festival that they would be killed.

What did Pharaoh do when faced with this request? He made the Israelites work harder. (Exodus 5:6) The nerve of those Jews! After hearing that they wanted a three day vacation Pharaoh not only said that they wouldn’t get a vacation but that they would have to find their own straw for their bricks. Pharaoh accused the Jews of being lazy.

Sheesh, I don’t see any record of him even making one brick.

Have you ever had a boss like this? I know I have had several.

To get Pharaoh’s attention Aaron struck the water of the Nile and turned it into blood. Pharaoh’s magicians could do the same though so Pharaoh did not release the Israelites.

So then the frogs came. Could you imagine that? I like frogs but only if they are in my backyard. I don’t think I would care for them jumping on my bed or hopping onto my dinner plate.

After the frogs came the gnats. Then the flies and after that the livestock of the Egyptians died. Then there was the boils, the hail, the locusts and the three days of darkness for the Egyptians. Then the firstborn sons were sacrificed.

All of this was done because Pharaoh would not allow a three day vacation for the Israelites. Wow, wish I had this in my back pocket for some of my former bosses.

Anyhoo you are probably wondering where I am going with this.

I am trying to convince you to have a good time every now and then. Life is not all about work. It is also about celebrating with God and relaxing. It is not always about working day and night.

So on this holiday weekend kick your feet up and relax!


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I went on another interview the other day. I had gotten hired by one company but I could see that they didn’t have a lot of clients in my neck of the woods. Since they didn’t reimburse for mileage or training I decided to keep searching for a job.

The secretary at this new company was sweet enough to send me the application via email. I filled it out and got a spiffy new copy of my resume’ ready to go and then set up a time to meet the Administrator.

When I got out of my car in the parking lot of the business I left my purse and my cell phone in the car.

I was ushered into the conference room and sat down at a huge table with two beautiful orchids as the centerpiece.

As I sat there I became nervous. I had nothing to distract me. For someone with ADHD the potential to become bored is our foremost fear. We are constantly trying to engage our mind in new challenges.

More than that I felt one thing.

I felt naked.I had no cell phone and no purse. All I had was the application and my resume’.

The administrator came in and the clinical supervisor entered the room. They were both beyond lovely.

I talked with them about my work history and they were very engaging. The meeting was actually a lot of fun.

When I left I wondered why I had had felt so naked without all of my stuff. I really only needed my resume’ and my application. I sure didn’t need my cell phone or my purse to launch a job with a great company.

I realized that I used these things as a buffer in my life.

If a networking meeting with other business professionals bores me I usually go through my purse to reorganize it.

If I am bored when I am out with friends I quickly start a game of solitaire on my cell phone.

I think a lot of people use cell phones to engage in conversations with others but I think they are also used as buffers when they don’t feel comfortable in a situation.

It is so easy to ignore the person sitting across the table when I am having dinner by texting someone else who is much more engaging than the dinner partner.

Or maybe the truth is that it is me who is not that interesting.

One of the problems with society today and especially with me, because I have a touch of ADHD, is that we seldom live in the moment. We are constantly distracted by technology and we are so busy we don’t even really listen to the people that God has placed in our pathway.

That is such a shame because we won’t be able to take our cell phones or our Ipads to heaven or hell. It is just us, nothing else, that travels into eternity.

After this wonderful interview I came to the conclusion that I needed to be naked a bit more often.

It seems to suit me well because I got the job. YIPPEE!


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I have promised you before not to bug you with my blog stats and I am NOT bugging you. However I have exceeded my goals that I set when I first started this blog.(Ok, now that is not bugging, maybe bragging, but not bugging. Wink wink)

My initial goal was to have 100,000 hits by the end of my first year. It has been 9 months since I signed on with Host Gator as a blogger. Today I crossed the million hits mark.


Thanks so much for checking me out and a double whammy thank you to those who have subscribed.

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Thanks again!
Gracie Lynne


I met a princess at the pool this evening. No, she wasn’t Kate Middleton, although I have a great amount of admiration for Kate.

She was more than that.She was a princess of the most high God.

I was done with my laps at the pool and I paused to look around. It was a cool evening in Texas and the pool was almost devoid of swimmers. There was one lady which I started to talking with, you know, just small talk. We started talking about the neighborhood where we lived, then we started talking about her moving to Texas from Hawaii.

I got excited when she mentioned Hawaii. I have a couple of merchants that I advertise for that are Hawaiian. She said she had gotten some awesome peanut butter from Northshore which had Macademian nuts and coconut. I seriously wanted to drool when she mentioned that product.

We continued to talk about different things and I told her about my blog and that if I could I would launch an ad page for Hawaiian companies so that she could buy things from Hawaii. She really missed Hawaii. I miss it too and I haven’t even been there. (Hoping to go some day)

I mentioned that my blog was Christian and she asked what church I went to. I told her Gateway. She said she went there too.

Then I got really excited. I mean I knew God was involved in this and you know me, whenever God is involved it just becomes total, all out fun.

She said she was feeling led to be involved in the healing ministry. I feel led to just start attending on a more regular basis.

Soon we got out of the pool and she was showing me a wrap that she had. When she put the wrap around her I noticed how petite she was.

She said she was on chemotherapy. She had had breast cancer and it has metastasized. The cancer has spread to her liver, her lungs and her spinal column.

We continued to share our stories with each other. I told her I would share her story with my audience for my blog but I told her I would do more than that.

I told her how I had asked my blog audience to pray for my brother when he fractured his 6th and 7th cervical vertebrae. My brother is doing well right now. He is walking and he is farming again. That is a total miracle because the EMT’s said he would never walk again when they first flew him out to the hospital.

So I know you guys are prayer warriors. So I want to ask a favor of you.

I want to ask you to go to war against the cancer that has spread in my new friend, Miriam’s body. I want you to pray without ceasing, constant and ferocious, until you get that sweet peace that one can only get when you know that God has heard your prayers.

Please pray for Miriam, she is more than just a friend of mine. She is a princess because she is a cherished daughter of the most high King and if you are a Christian you are her sister or her brother.

Pray as if she is your favorite sister, cause I know she is one of mine.


I believe I have encountered sexual discrimination in Texas.

I was talking with a friend of mine who is male. He is living off of a pension and is also working part-time.

His ex-wife has custody of his fifteen year old daughter.

Guess how much child support he has to pay? Zero.

I, on the other hand, have no pension, no part-time job currently and no income coming in for two years. Guess how much child support I am supposed to pay for one son?

$744.00. This is almost the amount that my ex-husband paid me for raising three children for the thirteen years that I had custody.

My ex makes a lot of money too. At least enough to support two houses, multiple luxury cars, designer clothes and eating out every meal at a restaurant.

I have two words to describe the way I have been treated by the 322nd family court. SEXUAL DISCRIMATION.


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I don’t ever watch reality TV. The reason why I don’t is because it is not reality.

To live like the Desperate Housewives of Atlanta or the Kardashians live is not the way most of us live.

I have been tempted to watch these shows just to be able to engage in conversation with some of my friends who watch them but soon the temptation passes.

Nonetheless, a thought occurred to me the other day for a new reality TV show.

I think it would be a wonderful idea to do a reality show on a homeless person. Follow a homeless person for a week and see what their reality may be.

Then I thought about some of my fellow bloggers like the man who has ALS and constructs his blog through eye movements. You can find his blog at Unshakeable Hope. That would be an interesting show.

Just as interesting would be a show about someone who struggles with bipolar disease. That is such a difficult path to walk on in this life.

It would be a worthy venture to walk in the path of a disabled veteran and see how hard it is for them to obtain good healthcare.

Another idea is to follow a friend of mine who is a paraplegic. He is also a para-triathlete champion. This guy is amazing.

Then there is always the single parent story. How to do a two person job when you are only one person is a constant struggle.

Another interesting idea is to view the life of a baby who has a crippling disease. That would be a heartbreaker.

I would suggest that anyone who is a subject of this reality TV series be awarded an amount of money from the network which has produced the series.

Don’t worry they can afford it. Then they could also have a way for people to donate.

Some of these episodes could be discouraging but some would be inspirational.

It is not that this is reality for everyone but it may allow the viewers to become more compassionate for those less fortunate. Besides, unless you live like Kim Kardashian, being a filthy rich and selfish person is not a reality either.


I have ADHD and I have had it all of my life. It is a bugger to live with.

As I have tried to find the perfect remedy for it I have researched the disease.
Through my research I have found that scientists suspect a lack of dopamine as being the cause of the disease.

A lack of dopamine is also the causative factor in Parkinson’s disease. Well, if that is the case my thoughts were why not use the medications for Parkinson’s disease to treat ADHD?

I did some research this morning to see if anyone else had thought up this genius idea. Yep, they had.

Turns out that L-Dopa is not really effective in treating ADHD but there is a medication called Desipramine which has been effective in treating children.

This is not a stimulant medication so the person who takes this may be a bit more lethargic than usual. Oh yippy, just what I need. NOT!

That would be a lot better though than the reaction I had to a generic form of Adderall. I was so jacked up that I was shaking and I was clenching my teeth so hard that I was scared they would fall out. Needless to say I stopped taking it before my teeth fell out.

If you have ADHD let me know what you have found to treat this silly problem.