Loving God is the key which can open every locked and wounded heart and it is the only key guaranteed to heal once it is open.

The key to love is to love God first and foremost and then everything falls into place like a gentle spring rain on a beautiful meadow full of wildflowers.


I think that love relationships can sometimes feel like a cage. This frequently happens when one of the lovers is insecure and they feel like they have to control the one they love. Sometimes it takes the right key to open that cage and let love flow through where control used to barricade the door shut.

My mother is very insecure in her relationships and she likes to control others. She insists I call her every week. If she is having difficulty she insists that the frequency increase. If she does not get her way she is a master at guilting her children.

I remember one day I thought about how much I missed her and I decided to give her a call. She is always excited to hear my voice and I love that about her.

That special day we talked on and on and when I hung up the phone I realized how much I had enjoyed the conversation. I reflected on why I had enjoyed it more than most conversations with her and I realized it was because I had come to the point of missing her and it had been my choice to call her with no guilt induced by her. Contine reading


I know that you probably are thinking no dish can be a stew and lasagna.

Well I got news for you. It can be done and I actually did it this evening for dinner.

It all happened because I just had a bit of ham left from Easter and no it was not spoiled yet, so OCD’ers please stop saying,”Yuck” and furthermore put your tongue back in your mouth too.

Then the other thing was that my Mama had told me that if I was going to plant some herbs this summer I should plant some dill. Then she went on to say that my Dad liked dill mixed in with her creamed red potatoes. I don’t always listen to my Mama but when she talks cooking I am a sucker for her hints because she is the world’s best.

Well I was thinking about what I wanted to eat tonight and what I had in the fridge. I knew that that ham was close to being on its last leg and I had cream in the fridge and I had dill out in my gardens and well you know when I am thinking it can be a very dangerous thing. (I am thinking most all of the time so it is pretty darn near dangerous to be around me most days)

So here is the recipe I thought up and you tell me if you think it is a keeper.

I diced one red potatoe and steamed it in my steamer until it was kind of al dente (that means when you chew it, it does not go all mushy) I know those of you who are Italians are rolling your eyes at my misuse of your pasta term but please… just get over yourself.

Then when I could slice through a potato with a bit of resistance I put some asparagus in the steamer.

Meanwhile I was frying the last vestiges of the ham in a bit of olive oil and then added some cream to it. When the veggies were steamed perfectly I added them to the ham and cream gravy.

I let that simmer a bit to let all the flavors meld into each other and then I added some dill and basil from my garden.

It was looking like yummy Alfredo stew but then I kicked it up a notch and used the old lasagna trick on it.

I took out a wonderful thick soup bowl that my boyfriend had bought me and put a layer of the stew on the bottom, then a layer of Monterey Jack cheese, another layer of stew, then one of cheese, another of stew, then cheese again and then popped that delish in the oven at 385 until the top layer of cheese was melted.

It was a delightful melody of flavors and I think if you wanted to you, could make a casserole if you had more ham, potatoes and cream than I had on hand. Let me know if you think this is a keeper. I think it is brilliant but you know how I am about that thinking thing. lol

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Since my reblog doesn’t work right I am reposting this blog post by Jon because it is so well written. I hope you enjoy this as much as I have. BE Blessed!

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So Fresh and So Clean
Posted on April 29, 2014
In this life there are trials, temptations, troubles and hardships that we have to face. Life is not always easy and doesn’t always go our way. Maybe we have come from a broken home, maybe you have struggled with addiction your whole life, maybe someone broke your heart when all you have ever been was kind, maybe you struggle financially, maybe you didn’t get that job you wanted, maybe you struggle with loneliness or feelings of inadequacy. So many things in this life can leave you feeling hopeless and broken. But I am here to tell you that there is a hope for the hopeless, there is love, when you haven’t felt loved in a long time, there is peace you can find and it’s when you find and meet and begin a relationship with Jesus. Contine reading


As an affiliate marketer and a successful blogger I am always on the look out for quality companies which produce quality products. Recently I was contacted by the Hatley company to promote their clothing line.

Usually when I am promoting a new company I check out their website and their product line to make sure it is quality. Sometimes I even put an order in.

The first time I looked at this companies website I was impressed with the mission statement, which is as follows:


I looked further and noted that they manufactured the clothing articles in India. Well, that is not unusual but then I read a bit further and discovered something really cool. They not only manufacture clothes in India but they also financially support a Christian orphanage in the same area where they produce the clothes.

Today in preparation for this promo post I dug a bit deeper into the website.

I rarely bust at laughing when I see a website but when I saw the About Us slide show that was on this website I dissolved into giggles.

Okay they are a giggle producing, quality clothing, Christian focused company what more could I want?

Well how about a bit of concern for the environment? Yep, they got that too.
These guys don’t use PVC in their rain gear.

You are probably thinking what the heck is PVC?

Well dears, I was thinking the same thing. Then I remembered that that is what my ex used to create an irrigation system in our backyard of my former house.

Problem is that PVC is a carcinogenic and that is why the Hatley company will have nothing to do with it going into their clothes.

This probably explains why the ex didn’t fight me for our house during our divorce proceedings. lol (Sneaky Pete that he was)

So do me a favor, check this awesome company out and don’t stop with just looking and buying the clothes but check out the hilarious slide show under their About Us page and have yourself a hearty giggle. Then bookmark it and go back every time you want quality clothing because this is where you can find quality clothing for your children and you.

Free Shipping on $50+ orders at Hatley.com


I have a love and hate relationship with my gardens. I love planting new flowers. I love seeing the butterflies flit to and fro in my flowers. I adore the hummingbirds when they sneak in and out at the speed of sound. I enjoy the beauty and the fragrance of my flowers.

I hate the weeding. Last year I almost did myself in during the middle of summertime with the weeding. In the springtime I had dug up a lot of the dirt thinking if I just put new dirt down it would be weedless. By summertime I could tell that all my digging in springtime had just given the weeds new soil to poke through. In the heat of the Texas sun I went out an attacked it again with a 3 pronged hoe.

If I knew a way to garden better I would and I think I may have found a way to garden and not have to weed constantly. Click on the link below and let me know what you think about this way of gardening.

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he is lousy at forecasting weather.

He usually wakes up in the wee hours of the morning and spends some time with God, praying and reading the Bible. (I absolutely love that!)

Then he does crunches while watching the weather. Then he starts working. Lucky man he gets to work from home because he is a brilliant computer programmer.

Then around eight or nine am he shoots me a call and he usually tells me the weather. I always listen and act like I am interested even though he has not been right even once on the forecast.

So this morning the same thing happened. He told me that there was going to be some severe weather in the area and he was going to be watching the weather most of the day to make sure I was safe. (Okay, now here is where you go, “Awww, that is so sweet.”)

I was planning on going to my favorite outdoor church this morning and when I looked out at the sky I noted it to be covered with clouds.

Well, little ol’ me has quite an imagination and I imagined that I would be caught in the park where the outdoor church is and with all that nasty weather happening I would have to go take shelter in the homeless shelters nearby. (You can take a breath now. I know that was a run on sentence but it added to the suspense didn’t it?)

I do not in any way think that homeless people are below me but I do think that if a tornado is coming I would much rather be home in my closet rather than with a bunch of strangers. (Another breath if you didn’t breathe deep enough with the first run on sentence. :))

Then my mind traveled further and I remembered the last time a tornado hit my city. I had driven home just in time to get my kids in the closet before the sirens started screaming. I was thinking I didn’t want to be driving through tornadoes warnings again, the first time wasn’t that much fun.

There was no way I was going to that church today. So I started cleaning my kitchen which, for the record, looked like a tornado had already hit my house.

I got it cleaned up really good and then looked outside during the mid morning hours and saw not a cloud in the sky. No tornadoes, no dark ominous clouds, no tree bending wind.

I am sorry to say I fired my boyfriend as my weather forecaster. I think that was the 20th time I had done that though. Go figure.


One thing I never did as a single mother was take my kids to the wonderland of Disney. We went on several different trips but never there.

Flying or driving to Florida and then the expense of the trip was just not something I could afford.

I had no idea when my kids were little that there was a secret to having an affordable Disney vacation but apparently there is.

The secret is found at the following link:
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I am so thrilled I found this ebook before my grandchildren have been born. I am hoping that I can take my grandchildren when they are born. That would be twice as much fun!


I realized that some people love money and things more than they love people and it is important to know what you love before you choose who you love.


I have recently become aware of a weakness within my character. I know that a few relationships and associations I have engaged in throughout my life I have done so without regard to my best interest. These relationships have caused me great harm. I have allowed the harm to spread throughout my life because I have thought that other people had the same evil intention. I have wrongly considered some very loving individuals to be guilty by association.

How does a person assume others are guilty by association?

Let me give you an example.

In a previous relationship that was supposed to be one based on love I felt nothing but neglect and disrespect. At the time I was involved with this man I was insecure and the insecurity only got worse throughout this relationship.

Love was not a word that could adequately describe this relationship. The dynamic of our relationship was not positive.

As a result a root of mistrust started growing in my heart.

There were many things that I learned during this relationship.

I learned that love is just a word and unless you feel loved by that person, it is worthless to hear them say, “I love you.”

I learned that when a man loves a woman he will protect her. If he is protecting someone else then he loves that person, not you.

I realized that some people love money and things more than they love people and it is important to know what you love before you choose who you love.

In a relationship which was supposed to be learning about love I failed to feel loved. Instead I learned how to spot deceit and became deceitful in my own actions and behavior.

I discovered that loyalty was a very precious gem which I hid deep within my heart. I have guarded that gem and only recently have realized how much effort it takes for a man to secure that gem.

I learned not to trust anyone.

There are times that mistrust is a wise decision but it can also be the choice of a fool.

In a past post I mentioned that I did not trust my son anymore. This broke his heart and we had a very deep and emotional talk about that post. I told him that I would edit that post and take that sentence out.

I have not done that yet because at that moment I did not trust him. In my blogging I am committed to raw honesty as most bloggers are.

I do need to set the record straight though on why I came to the point of mistrust with him.

In our conversation I realized I didn’t trust him because I assumed he was guilty by association. There are some people who have influence in his life which have not established a level of trust with me. I have caught them in too many lies.

So because I considered him guilty by association I let the evil which others intended for me enter my heart and spread roots.

When we discussed the post I realized that he was honest and upstanding even though he had been raised in a broken home. He has gone through so much turmoil due to the dysfunction of divorce but yet I have come to a point where I have only admiration for him.

Once again he has taught me something and I know he is trustworthy. I hope and pray he continues on that path.