KILL THE KEYSTONE PIPELINE -the Ogallala aquifer

I grew up in Nebraska on a farm. I used to love to play outside. I had a playhouse in our garage. A swing set in our yard and a huge barn where I spent many hours playing with the farm felines.

I also had to do chores because I was a farm girl. I remember hating to have to fill up the water tank for the cows in the pasture because I would always get shocked by our electric fence. I also didn’t like having to help my dad and brother haul out irrigation pipe during the summer time.

My favorite activity was riding bike into town to go to the swimming pool with my close friend. Then stopping by the dairy queen for an ice cream cone before riding the two miles back home again.

I remember the well we had on the farm and being so hot in summertime I would drink from the faucet that was attached to our well.

A lot of the activities I enjoyed and detested as a young girl involved one substance and that substance was water.

I didn’t know at that time that the water I drank from that well faucet was tapping into the Ogallala aquifer.

This is one of the world’s largest aquifers and covers the expanse of eight different states.

This aquifer supplies drinking water to 82% of the 2.3 million people that live in this region. This liquid gold also irrigates  a large amount of farmland.

Due to the irrigation system that farmers employ it is decreasing by 11% since 1950. If the aquifer runs empty it will take close to 100,000 years to replenish naturally through rainfall.

The Keystone pipeline is proposed to cross this aquifer. Some people in Nebraska think that this pipeline may endanger their livelihood.

I would dare say I could bet on that.

The aquifer is made up of sandy soil and is considered spongelike.

Some experts say that because of the gradient of the Ogallala aquifer that if it spills in the sand hills it would be a localized spill.

TransCanada says that they would shut the pipeline down immediately if there was a spill. (This is from a company who has already had 14 spills. So they should know how to handle a spill because Golly Gee, they sure have had enough)

Problem is this is water we are talking about, when you drop a substance into water it doesn’t stay in one place, it dissipates.

Then there is the whole problem of Bitumen. Bitumen sinks, it does not float, but before it sinks it may spread throughout the aquifer.  Along with the bitumen you have the toxic chemicals that are needed to dilute the bitumen to transform it into dilbit, which include Benzene and natural gas.

And there is the apect of heat too. This substance is hot because it needs to be for transport and I would surmise that that may entice the dilbit to spread quicker.

One thing that the experts who are in favor of Keystone fail to mention is pressure. This dilbit will be under 1400 psi  which is an extremely high pressure according to Greg Awtry of the York News Times.  A pin hole in the pipeline can spray the dilbit as far as a football field.

Okay so lets say you have a leak in the aquifer because if TransCanada is good at anything it is leaking. They say that they will shut down the pipeline within minutes. By that time the bitumen has sprayed the length of a football field taking with it Benzene which causes birth defects and cancer. The bitumen is sinking into the sandy soil of the aquifer and this is all underground.

Well, how can you clean that mess up?

Frankly it would be impossible. Anyone who says it won’t happen does not have their head screwed on right.

These farmers in Nebraska are intelligent, hardworking people. In fact they are such an intelligent and influential group they persuaded Ed Schultz to become an opponent of the Keystone Pipeline when he had been a staunch proponent. I wish I could say the same for the politicians we have in Washington DC.

To see the conversion of Ed Schultz from a proponent to an opponent click on the link below.…/keystone-ed-schultz-oppose/

QUOTES BY GRACIELYNNE – path to activism

The proper path for any activist is information gathering and  education before activism. Once you have your facts you can beat down most politicians. Politicians seldom know the facts. As a result of their ignorance they fall back on propaganda which falls short of factual evidence.


I like talking to people from other countries. I like even more traveling to other countries. It is interesting to hear the perspective that foreigners have.

Recently I was going to sign a petition on It was to stop a mass execution in Egypt. At least that is what I thought it was.

Before I signed the petition I remembered my friend Wassim at the laundromat. He is from Egypt and he gave me the scoop on the politics of that country last time I was washing my couch cushions.

I needed to wash them again and so I waited until I consulted with my Egyptian expert before I signed that petition.

As I suspected the petition did not reveal the truth. The 500 people who were to be executed were mass murderers themselves. They killed many people and the new regime is trying to wash the dirt of innocent blood from its hands by eliminating their threat.

I was glad that I had waited and did not sign that petition.

I have been a bit dismayed at the avenue that is taking. It seems to be a soap box for politicians to whine and cry about their current issues.

I was horrified to learn that mistakenly I had signed one in favor of Greg Abbott for governor. If he is as bad at running the state as he is at running the Child Support division, then Texas is due for a load of hurt if he is elected.

I would caution everyone about these petition websites. Some of them are good but unless you know the back story to a petition you really shouldn’t sign a petition. If it wasn’t for my friend, Wassim, I would have been part of the problem instead of someone who was an informed and educated citizen.

The proper path for any activist is information gathering and  education before activism. Once you have your facts you can beat down most politicians. Politicians seldom know the facts. As a result of their ignorance they fall back on propaganda which is most possibly a bold faced lie.


To allow the Keystone pipeline to cross our borders is not the way to decrease the greenhouse effect and limit climate change. It makes as much sense as trying to get a kid to stop drinking alcohol by getting them addicted to Heroin.


In an article released today on Huffington Post it appears as if the UN thinks that, “Global Warming May Worsen Security Woes.”

An excerpt from  the article which was written by Seth Borenstein is below:

YOKOHAMA, Japan (AP) — In an authoritative report due out Monday a United Nations climate panel for the first time is connecting hotter global temperatures to hotter global tempers. Top scientists are saying that climate change will complicate and worsen existing global security problems, such as civil wars, strife between nations and refugees.

They’re not saying it will cause violence, but will be an added factor making things even more dangerous. Fights over resources, like water and energy, hunger and extreme weather will all go into the mix to destabilize the world a bit more, says the report by the Nobel Peace Prize-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The summary of the report is being finalized this weekend by the panel in Yokohama. (End of excerpt)

For those of you who  suffered through this winter with the excess of below zero temps and deluges of snow drifts you may not be alarmed if we are getting a bit warmer in the atmosphere. You may even grin a little, remembering the days when you warmed your feet by the hearth with a cup of hot cocoa, while the blizzard was raging outside.

I, however, live in Texas and a little more heat is not exactly on my wish list. Over the last two summers I have had the unfortunate occurrence of my air conditioner going out. If it went out in May or June it would have been a bit more tolerable. The silly machine decided to wait until July to go out during both summers.

I was miserable. I woke up exhausted. I barely slept and I walked around like a zombie.

I love Texas summers but the only reason I love them is because I can escape the heat and renew my energy in my cool and refreshing home.

So the thought of an increase in temperature worldwide does not suit my fancy.

Folks we need to take climate change and the greenhouse effect seriously. Tar sand oil extraction is the dirtiest way to extract oil and contributes an excessive amount of pollution.

We, as a nation and a super power, need to forge a road that is clear and broad towards renewable and clean energy. If we don’t make a stand we are gifting our children and grandchildren untold horrors.

To allow the Keystone pipeline to cross our borders is not the way to decrease the greenhouse effect and limit climate change. It makes as much sense as trying to get a kid to stop drinking alcohol by getting them addicted to Heroin.

For more information please click on following link. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change:


Did you ever notice when people are angry that they are not pretty?

They clench their jaws, their veins pop out and  no matter how beautiful or handsome they are when not angry, ugly takes precedence when they are.

In Genesis 4 there is an account of Cain and Abel and apparently Cain had his “ugly” on because God said first, “Why are you so angry?” Then He followed that with, “Why do you look so dejected?”

I think dejected may be God’s way of saying ugly.

Then God lays out a plan for escaping ugly and returning to normalcy and He gives it straight up to Cain. “You will be accepted if you do what is right. But if you refuse to do what is right,then watch out!”

Okay now let me break it down for you.

If you don’t do what is right, you become angry and then you end up looking ugly.

If you choose to do what is right you can be happy and remain beautiful.

I don’t know about you but ugly does NOT look good on me. 🙂


It is easy to lie and say that you have forgiven someone.

If you continue to talk about the evil that they have intended for you with anything other than love in your heart for that person, you may have not forgiven.

For the fruit of true forgiveness is unconditional love.


I have realized lately how easily I am offended. Recently I discussed the technical aspects of my blog with two different men who had extensive knowledge in that arena.

One of them said that he couldn’t find my blog. That struck me as weird because no one else has been complaining about that and I have over 510,000 hits to my blog.

I checked this out with some of the people who I use as consultants in blogging and they said that maybe he was just trying to get my business. So I pretty much dismissed what he had said but I held a hardness in my heart towards him.

The other guy told me how time consuming this industry was and how difficult it is. I spend a large part of my day devoted to my blog but I do so because I enjoy it.

Finally I had to politely end the conversation with this guy because he was becoming a Debbie Downer and he was not even a woman, so he had no right to be that. lol

Furthermore I don’t  need any more people discouraging me, my family does a good enough job at that. Part of my family’s  problem is ignorance. None of them know what a blog even is, much less the influence that it has in this day and age. So I pretty much ignore them.

I have meetings which I go to where I see both of these men on a frequent basis. After having these experiences, I avoided them like the plague for a few weeks. I always had a bit of indignation even when I thought of them.

What I was doing was allowing their supposed “offense” to take root in my heart. They may not have meant to offend but I was counting it as such and holding bitterness against them in my thoughts and in my feelings.

This past week I realized what a silly ninny I was. They probably both had every intention to help me. In fact one of these men is responsible for my subscription button and the other one gave me heads up on some legal avenues I may want to walk down as my blog progresses.

Just because they didn’t “oo and aww” over how great I was as a blogger did not mean that  I needed separate myself from them at these business meetings.

I think when we perceive an insult we put up walls to guard our heart. In some instances this may be good but in some it is bad.

I can’t tell you how many times I had to recall the exact words that these men said to me to build those walls higher and higher. They may have thrown the first arrow of offense towards my heart but it was my thought pattern which kept pushing that arrow deeper and deeper choosing to replay the words with hurt attached.

When someone says something that offends you there are several responses that you can choose.

Offend back which makes you a replica of the person who offended you.

Harbor bitterness in your heart which means you have chosen to hurt yourself more than that other person ever intended.

Then there is the smart choice. Forgive, let it go and wipe the slate clean because whatever is said or done to harm you is not worth a second thought.


I have been fairly disciplined throughout my life when it comes to my weight. I try to keep it within ten pounds of my ideal body weight for my height.

I always tell people that I work out almost daily when they comment on my lean frame.

What I don’t tell them about  is my secret diet.

I have a certain way of eating which tends to keep my weight in check with every meal.

When I scoop up food onto a fork or a spoon at least 30% of the food falls right into my lap. Yep! Right on that new expensive cocktail dress.

Then there is the next bite which for some strange reason my silverware decides to throw on the floor instead of into my open salivating mouth.

When I am having dinner with a friend or friends I usually am so excited to be with them that what food does make it anywhere near my mouth usually ends up smeared on my face or riding on my lip because I have missed my  mouth once again.

It has been a long standing joke in my life that the reason why I am slender is because I don’t eat my food, I wear it.  lol


I grew up in a home where church was mandatory. My mother freaked out when I stopped going to church when I was in college. I didn’t stop believing in God, I just stopped going to church.

The main reason why I stopped going to church was because I didn’t want to do it for my mother I wanted to do it for God.

When I first got pregnant I made the decision to go back to church and become serious about it. My children went with me when they were young. As they got older they stopped going for the same reason I stopped going. They didn’t want it crammed down their throats.

I let them make that decision but still encouraged them to go and testified to them about what God was doing in my life.

My daughter moved out of the house after she graduated from high school and went to work in another state with her boyfriend.

There were some late night phone calls made to me when she was in tears. She missed her friends and she missed Texas, she may have even missed me.

I comforted her and sent her care packages. I did everything I could to ease her pain. I, in fact, became her confidant but in a sly way I had also become her Christ.

We had several heart to heart talks and it made me feel good that I was the one she called when she was distraught.

Then her and her boyfriend moved back to Texas and one day when they were over at my house we got in a heated argument.

I said things I shouldn’t have and she did the same.

We didn’t talk for quite sometime after that.

I still loved her and I was worried about who she would confide in if she wasn’t calling me. Then one day I felt led to send her a text message.

Pretty soon we had reconciled and she told me she was going to church again. My text message had reached her right after her and her boyfriend had prayed together one morning.

Sometimes we think as parents that we have an obligation to play God in our children’s lives. It was amazing to me that when I stopped playing her “savior” she turned back to the only one who could  save her.