I have recently been introduced to an amazing product that just hit the market two years ago. It is a facial cream that has been proven to reduce wrinkles and fine lines 30% in less than 90 days.
Normally a skin care cream is released into the market when it shows a decrease of 2-5%. So this cream is 6 x the effectiveness of any cream on the market.

The other aspect of this cream which I totally embrace is the fact that it is a natural skin care product. It is derived from the Nerium Oleander bush and is extracted using Aloe Vera. The company did not use animals for testing. They used an in vitro cell culture and then tested on humans. This is the only scientifically valid method of testing for skin care or medicine.

This product is called NeriumAD, and I was so impressed with the product that I want to share my friend’s website with you. Click HERE for more information.

In addition to the NeriumAD, which is a night time skin treatment, the company has also launched a day cream which decreases wrinkles 23-25%.


My mother has narcissistic tendencies and my Ex has NPD. My latest boyfriend had some of the traits also.

The greatest thing about living with a narcissist is that if you are smart enough you can figure them out.

They are not happy unless they are taking.

They don’t want you to be in control of your own life, they think that they should be in control of your life.

They erupt into explosive rages when they are not being treated like the royalty that they think they are.

They can only see the good in themselves and the bad in you. The only other good that they can see is in someone who is a threat to you.

They are extremely manipulative and love to play the guilt card.

They make fabulous victims and they revel in that role, because really… the world is not good enough for them.

They take control of events and if it doesn’t go the specific way they wanted it to they will make it a very bad memory for you.

They complain about life and do not take responsibility for the choices that they have made.

They are a different person in public than what they are behind closed doors.

The thing is that if you grow up with a narcissist you may attract others to you. So you have to change some things about who you attract.

One episode of explosive rage is all you need to know there will be more. Walk away from that person. They don’t know how to handle their anger and conflict resolution is impossible with someone who is a rage addict.

If you find that you are losing the things you love to appease the other person you are losing yourself in the relationship. No person who truly loves you will rob you of your passion, your material possessions or your precious time. Walk away and proceed not to contact that person again.

A person who has to use guilt in a relationship to get you to spend time with them is clearly not engaging enough to keep on the front burner.  Guilt is never a good impetus for love.

Although narcissist’s can sometimes give in addition to taking. They never give freely. They always want something in return and if you don’t give them that then they throw a temper tantrum. Don’t take from narcissist’s then they can’t try to guilt you.

Narcissist’s make excellent victims and blame everyone and everything else for their weaknesses. This essentially strips them of power in the situation but they lure other people into their net and try to make them take responsibility for their weaknesses.  If someone has a sob story hand them a tissue and walk away.

I was taught by my narcissistic mother to always be kind to everyone – especially the underdog. I try to be kind to everyone but I find that sometimes it is a matter of self preservation to pick and choose exactly who I should associate with.

All of the people who have betrayed me were underdogs at the time I befriended them. I find that as I mature it is better for me to associate with people who are successful, kind and compassionate. That not only take but also give and those are the ones I truly need to invest my time in.

The nicest thing about living with a narcissist is the blatant fact that they are blind to the reality of the red flags that they wave so well. It should only take one red flag waving to turn and walk the other way.


I believe I recently let you know that the AG of Texas just took over $6,700 of my IRA for back child support.

I don’t think that that is wrong because I think that the state should ensure that child support is paid.

There is a whole lot of wrong though, in regards to how I have been treated as opposed to how my ex has been treated.

Yesterday I took my seventeen year old son shopping and I had to buy him a winter coat because his dad wouldn’t.

Ok, so the jerk got close to 7 grand and he can’t afford to buy a winter coat for our son?

Some men are born losers and grow up to be louses. My ex fits so nicely into both of those categories.


Last year I made a wonderful memory over Thanksgiving holiday.

My oldest son lives in Florida and he is going to the University of Central Florida. I decided last year to drive my other son down to Florida to visit him over Thanksgiving.

I rented a condo and packed my car full of food. My youngest son joked with my other son that I had packed the whole house and he was sure there was a bed tucked in the back of my Hyundai Elantra. (He didn’t say anything about a kitchen sink though. lol)

We arrived and unloaded the car. It was chillier than I had expected but we spent some time at the pool trying desperately to catch some rays.

I brought my son his Christmas gifts. The one item I was proudest of was a shirt I had bought for him at H&M. It was the most impressive piece of clothing I have ever seen in my whole life and it only cost $30.00.

While we were there I took them and some of their friends to the beach for a picnic. It was humorous because it was so cold and windy.

We also went Black Friday shopping which has become a tradition for me and my sons. We got up early and headed out in the dark of the night to shop at an outlet mall.

We went to Brooks brothers and I bought some boat shoes for my son that were amazing.

I like to buy quality clothing for my children. I don’t spend a lot but I don’t buy junk. Junk isn’t worth the money you spend because it doesn’t last.

Last year was the first year I decided to inject my turkey with a seasoning solution and it was so moist it fell off of the bones.

I had so much fun on that trip and I cherish the memory.

This year will be different. I don’t have the money to travel but my youngest son will be at my house for Thanksgiving. My daughter will be spending the holiday with some friends.

I sent my son in Florida a care package full of food so I know his tummy will be happy and he is spending the holiday with his girlfriend’s family.

I hope that everyone has a happy Thanksgiving and if you are traveling I pray you arrive safely. I hope that this year Thanksgiving will be a cherished memory  for everyone.



Lately I have taken a step of aggression towards my ex-husband. I have filed for a bill of review to open up the child support case that was closed when he was in default for not having paid me the correct amount.

I knew that this would be a divisive action in my family. I have always been the one who was giving. I never was the one who was a taker.

This is hard for my children to see me but I have no choice. This is a matter of survival.

Just yesterday I got a notice from the AG of Texas that they had liquidated my IRA account for close to $7,000. That was the only account I had left that I had as a security net.

I didn’t think they were allowed to touch that because that was not income. My broker stated that he had never seen that happen to anyone.

In the past I have let this situation take me to the brink of despair.

I have learned to block negative thoughts. The only thoughts I allow at this point are thoughts of survival.

I would have every right to feel persecuted, singled out and paranoid about living through this assault by the AG of Texas. Most people would not have survived the kind of crap I have had to survive in the past 6 years.

My ex has turned my children against me because even though he has three houses and multiple cars he plays the victim role extremely well. He is a manipulative con artist. He is also very selfish and greedy.

My children have always come to me for financial help because of his selfishness but due to the recent events that have transpired I have to turn them away when they ask for help because I don’t have any more to give.

During this season of Thanksgiving it is tempting to not be thankful, but that is not what this season is about.

So I will list my blessings, as few as they may be and ask for God to increase them as I thank Him for what I have left.

My blessings are as follows:

I have a beautiful home which I enjoy immensely.

I have a car which is a wonderful vehicle to drive.

I have eight cats which are purr machines and comfort me many times throughout the day.

I have great friends.

I have a blog that is successful beyond anything I ever imagined.

I have a God who does not care whether or not I have money. He cares how I handle this trial  and whether my money is my God.

I have a church which feeds my soul and nourishes my heart.

I have good health.

I have three healthy children. Praise God for that.

I have beautiful gardens which I have tended to and spent a lot of time on around my house. God is so gracious to direct butterflies and hummingbirds to my oasis which brings me such unbridled joy.

I have parents which are still living and I love them.

I have wonderful siblings who I love with all of my heart and the in-laws in my family are terrific.

I have faith in God that although I don’t see him working through this currently, I know that He is using this to perfect my character and that is much more important than money.

I have opportunities presented to me through the avenue of friends which can become income producers in my life.

I have neighbors which are kind and loving.

I have a fellowship of believers that I meet within my neighborhood which I have found much comfort in.

I have been blessed with the gift of writing. Considering the fact that words are so important to God that He spoke most of creation into existence, I consider this a very valued gift.

I have a God who loves me and I know that He has a calling on my life and I know He has a purpose for me to fulfill.  I know that it is only when I fully became aware of his purpose that the devil unleashed this horrible evil in my life.  So my thoughts are that He has something totally amazing that I am to do, if He didn’t the devil wouldn’t even care.

I know that God will take revenge on the people who have been used to work against His purpose in my life.

I know that a fight for justice is never easy but it is always right.

I have a dear friend who brings me food so I will not starve and he makes the most amazing food ever.

I also know that before a victory is reached there is a deep darkness you must prevail through to see the brilliant light at the end of the tunnel.

I have learned that to entertain self destructive thoughts is to grab the hand of the devil instead of jumping into the embrace of God.

As God has allowed people to attack me He has also surrounded me with people to defend me and build me up.

Oh my goodness, did I say I just had a “few” blessings?  I guess once you start counting them they start multiplying.

In addition to all of the above blessings I want to extend an embrace of thankfulness to each and every one of you who have followed or visited my blog. I truly value every single person who has taken the time out of their busy schedule to read my blog. I hope that it has been an enlightening and comforting experience for you.

As you can tell by my list I am quite blessed I value the blessings of my readers in very high regard.

I wish you all peace and joy, full tummies and a good nap this Thanksgiving! HUGS TO ALL!



By the opinionated man who is a fellow blogger and has become a very good friend. Yea!

The answer that was properly guessed by him was ear plugs.



Last November I had to buy a new phone because my I-phone decided to take a dive into my mop bucket without a life preserver.

I went to Best Buy and bought an Experia Ion. I was excited about the phone. The excitement didn’t last. That darn phone didn’t connect to the network at first.

So I had bought an insurance plan for the phone and took it back. I waited at least an hour until a guy could wait on me and then he said, “I would have never sold you this phone. It is not a good phone.”

Wow, what a great salesperson, telling me after the fact doesn’t do me one bit of good. The geek squad worked on it but it didn’t do much better after they had it.

So my recent problem with the phone was that it wouldn’t charge up. I went back to the store again and they said it was the charger cord. So I bought a new charger cord.

That only helped for about a week and then it wouldn’t charge up at all.

I took it back to Best buy again and once again a person told me they would have never sold me that phone. I wanted to give him a right hook.

Again the phone was handed over to the Geek squad. I swear I waited for 30-45 minutes for a manager to approve the loaner phone. The manager completely ignored us and walked off so another associate finally approved the transaction.

They said they would have it back in my hands today. I waited, I checked my email and they did not have it back. So I called the store pretty upset. The guy who answered was nice but he couldn’t do anything to help me.

I demanded to talk to a manager. The manager said she couldn’t do anything about it either. I said she could. She could train her employees to caution customers about products if they were subpar. She argued with me. I raised my voice and she kept arguing.

Well, needless to say Best Buy is not going to be on my Christmas list and I would caution anyone to think twice before buying anything from them. Also NEVER BUY AN EXPERIA ION.  They are nothing but a problem waiting to happen.


I don’t know about the rest of you but I am concerned about the holidays this year. There are several reasons why…

1. Holidays and all of the fixings put a lot of stress on those of us who host family for the event.

No matter how nice I ask I never get help when I fix those holiday meals. I certainly don’t get help for cleaning up the mess.

2.  Family gatherings can be joyous in nature if the people who gather are joyous in spirit. Unfortunately my family is not of that spirit.

My mother is a constant source of negativity and complaining. My daughter is verbally abusive and my ex has made all of my children so damn hypervigilant about table manners that it is not fun for me to eat anywhere near them.

So how am I going to handle this?

I have a secret weapon. It is actually two secret weapons. They are small and I can take them along on my trip after the Thanksgiving holiday to see my mother.

They have an uncanny ability to stop the flow of negativity.

They are soft and comforting, not loud and obnoxious.

I have used them before but not for this problem.

They can fit inside my coin purse and pass through any radar without a problem.

What are my secret weapons?

Leave your answer in the reply section or send me an email at

I will announce the winner of the riddle in my next post.






Yesterday my daughter totally lost her cookies and directed her anger at me. She does that on a frequent basis and on the same frequency I usually dissolve into tears.

I don’t know how to deal with people screaming expletives at me and calling me names.

I have been surrounded all of my life by people who don’t know how to communicate in a mature manner when they are angry. They go all psycho on me and then claim that I am the psycho.

My mother was a screamer. She screamed over every little thing and terrorized us kids with her lack of control.

My ex was addicted to rage. He told me one time that he got his energy from being angry.

I never knew when he would explode, I just knew it would happen. Then once he had exploded he would be happy for  a short time until the pressure built up again.

My daughter has that same problem. She never says anything positive and if she doesn’t get her way she throws an all out hissy fit.

The one thing that all of these people have in common is that they lose all logic and reasoning once they start screaming. They cut off all effective communication because I will not lower myself to their level. They say things that they should never even think and they hurt deeply with the words they use.

One thing they rarely do is apologize because they are arrogant and think that their opinion is more important than the feelings of someone else who may be of a different opinion.

Yesterday I was in tears. Today I thought about what my daughter may have been trying to say but because of her lack of impulse control she didn’t say it in a manner that anyone would have accepted.

I pulled out of her verbal abuse her concern and left all of the horrible things that she had said to hurt me in the trash.

People that heap verbal abuse on others are immature and ineffective at changing people the way they want to change them.

Do you really think that calling a person names, cursing them to die and telling them that they are worthless is a good motivational tool?

If you do then I have some beach front property to sell you in Arizona.



I am trying to get my blog to a place where I can render some income from it. I have to do this because I have to pay my own way in life.

In the process of this transition I believe I may have cut my readers off from likes as well as comments.

I just changed the theme again last night to try to make it easier for you to comment but when I look at blog it says No Comments at the end of every post.

Since I am the administrator of this post I don’t know if it shows the same things to readers or not. If it does say no comments then I will be changing again.

I value your comments immensely and need to know what you see at the end of my post. Please let me know and yes, you can use the comments section. 🙂